Cabo San Lucas vs San Jose Del Cabo.


Similarities & differences between the two. Which one is right for you?
Cabo is one of Californian's go-to spots for a mini getaway, it's a quick two hour flight to some of the most beautiful hotels and beaches. We have been coming here for as long as I can remember and have always stayed in Cabo San Lucas. If you have seen images of the famous arches in the ocean and heard of their beach bars you know exactly which area I am talking about. However, we always have passed hotels on the way to San Lucas along the coast but never stopped nor did we know there is a whole another area there including it's own Downtown. We sort of assumed it's family resorts and if we stayed there everything would be far (bars, restaurants, downtown etc.)..Well I wish someone told me before that there is a whole another life that's almost better and not as commercial in San Jose Del Cabo. 
We stayed at Viceroy hotel which was just a quick 20 min ride from airport. The hotel has been on my bucket list since they have opened a few years ago due to their aesthetic and design. However, I was not too sure about the area as I have mentioned before I assumed it was just simply too far but we wanted to check it out ourselves and finally made our way there. I'll compare the two areas, Cabo San Lucas vs San Jose Del Cabo which hopefully will help you decide which one is right for your next getaway in case you have not visited one or both of the areas!

Before I get into comparing the two areas I quickly want to recap the hotel itself as it really stood out from others we have stayed at in Cabo:
  • Turquoise area shown in my images is actually a pool that's around 2feet deep, you can literally walk out of your room if you're staying on the first floor and walk through water to the main pool or any other area. I found that so cool it literally reminded me of Maldives and Bora Bora as you're always able to walk from your overwater bungalow to the island itself. 
  • Hotel opened in 2018 which makes it only 5 years old, as you may know Cabo has a lot of older hotels and if you appreciate modern designs and love aesthetic places you should absolutely check it out yourself. 
  • It has residences & regular hotel which I thought was the main reason why everyone was so social, it sort of gave a vibe of "you're far away from home but yet you're home". 
  • Prices at restaurants were similar to US prices, I'd mostly compare them to California/FL prices. There is plenty of restaurants across the street a few minutes away that you can also walk to if you want to save some money.
  • Hotel offers bicycles which you can take around town. If you're feeling spontaneous you can probably even ride to Downtown area, it's a 7 min uber ride which would probably take you 20 mins on bicycle.
  • Along the beach just outside of the hotel you can find horses that you can ride, take photos with etc. as an activity.
  • We visited the property in September Tuesday-Friday and out of all the days we only had one full day of rain, others being somewhat cloudy but still super warm. If you're looking for perfect weather you may want to look into going to Cabo during the high season. 
  • Property is extremely photogenic, if you're looking for a venue for some sort of celebration I highly suggest checking it out as it offers insanely photogenic areas and options are limitless! We came across some stunning images online of a dinner that took place in the middle of the pool (water is only up to your knees) and it looked absolutely GORG! 

Now let's get into pros and cons of Cabo San Lucas vs San Jose Del Cabo.

In collaboration with Viceroy Hotels. 

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