Maldives : Jumeirah's secluded sanctuary.


Sneak peek of what to expect at the beautiful Jumeirah property of Maldives.
It's been less than a year since we were last in Maldives but we couldn't wait to get back there and made sure it was one of the first trips of 2024! This time we partnered with one of Jumeirah properties. As you may know they have quite a few amazing properties in Dubai and are known for their luxury take on their properties. Needles to say it's been on my radar for a long time and I've always wanted to stay at one of their resorts to experience it myself, whether it was in Middle East or Maldives. 


Prior to your trip you will coordinate with hotel in regards to airport pick up times. Once you land they will be waiting for you as soon as you walk out of airport. If there are more guests going around the same time as you they'll escort you to a lounge located steps away from the airport where you can grab a coffee, refresh etc. Once all guests are ready the semi private boat will take you to Jumeirah property which is around 50ish minutes away. *You can also book a seaplane if you'd prefer to take a more scenic route and see Maldives from above.
*If it is your first time in Maldives I suggest spending your first night on the local/main island of Male to experience it. A lot of people tend to go from point A which is their home to point B which is a luxurious property on one of the islands of Maldives and truly forget to experience the local culture and seeing something new. 
If your flight is landing in Male later than 3pm by spending a night on Male island you can then go to the Jumeirah property early next morning and even though your room may not be ready you can always hang out on the beach, explore the island etc. By doing that you're maximizing your time spent in Maldives. 
To give you an idea of how we always book our flights: always land at 6-8 AM in Male & make sure our flight for departure to leave Male is always the latest flight or earliest flight in am. On this trip our flight landed at 8 AM Thursday and our flight back left at 1 AM on Monday. By booking these flights we maximized our time there by turning it into 3 nights but VERY full 4 days. As I've mentioned before 3-4 nights per island is plenty of time to get all the activities done, check out all the restaurants. If you have a hard time adjusting to time zones I highly suggest a minimum of 5 nights.


  • VILLAS. Every Villa has an entire living room area that closes off and separates it from the bedroom. Whether you’re getting a one bedroom villa or two you’re getting the perks of that, while a lot of other properties only offer extra space for bigger villas. A lot of couples are able to bring a nanny / have their kid beds set up in living room area as that’s how spacious the villas are.  
  • PRIVATE ROOFTOPS. This is something you can’t experience at any other Maldives property. Great for watching sunrise / sunset or just hanging out. Property also offers an option of having a rooftop movie night on your rooftop where they set up the area with candles etc. movie is your choose of course. I posted an IG reel of a movie night on our rooftop to give you a better idea on what it’s like! 
  • LIVE MUSIC. This was something new as we’ve seen live shows here and there before during dinner but never experienced live music at every single dinner. It just added more of a romantic, extra touch to the trip so we were definitely pleasantly surprised by that! 
  • Privacy. Even though some might say island is small to us it felt big as we barely ran into people during our entire stay there ! We only saw everyone at dinners. It truly felt like we were the only ones there when in reality the property  was at over 60% capacity. 
  • GETTING AROUND. This property does not provide bicycles but buggies are always around and available all you gotta do is give a call from your villa in case you don’t want to walk.
A C T I V I T I E S.
  • Jet ski to semi private sandbank where you can spend a day and enjoy a picnic. It’s just a quick 10 minute ride away, you can even see the sandbank from some of the villas from the property. 
  • Daily activities such as candle making etc. they also offer plenty of activities for little ones in case you bring kiddos with you on the trip. 
  • Every possible water sport you could think of from paddle boarding so parasailing etc. 
  • A quick photo session with Jumeirah’s photographer is also included in your stay so make sure you take advantage of that!
  • Hop on a jet ski to go to sandbank + snorkel in the reef 
  • Movie night on your villa’s rooftop 
  • Floating breakfast in your own private villa 
  • Private dinner on the beach 
F Y I 
  • While you may see some of our footage has been taken on the drone keep in mind property is all about privacy and in order to use a drone advise the management. 
  • Some may assume that because Jumeirah is a Middle East brand ( double check ) clothing may be more conservative, however because it is a tourist island there are no restrictions for clothing.  
In collaboration with Jumeirah Maldives.

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  1. Maldives is paradise on earth. JUMEIRAH'S Properties are always delightful I will visit this one too