The ultimate luxury getaway: Ritz Carlton, Maldives.


Third time back in Maldives & possibly last as this ultimate luxury hotel can't be beat.
Maldives always had a special place in our heart as it was one of the first big trips we have taken together as a couple, 10 years later we were back for the third time and this time it was all about the ultimate luxury. Due to not being to travel for few years we wanted to kick off 2022-2023 with some big trips to make up for lost time and there was no better destination than Maldives. Ritz Carlton opened in 2021 and due to it's reputation of luxury, modern yet minimal design villas, best customer service known worldwide this was immediately added to the bucket list. Those that have been following along our trips to Maldives probably remember that we always went during the low season taking a big risk with the weather but this time around we went during their busy season with no rain in sight and it truly has changed the entire experience. This trip was hands down our favorite trip to Maldives out of all. 

  • The hotel has a very large amount of land that's connected by little bridges you can take a buggy or bicycle through. Restaurants and rooms are in different parts and sides of the island which makes it feel much larger when going around as well.
  • It provides different options for overwater villas. While other resorts usually offer overwater villas only at the end of the island over the water Ritz also has overwater rooms off the island itself but still over water (as pictured above). 
  • It is hands down the most social crowd that stays at this hotel. Not sure if it's the Brand itself that is known worldwide and it tends to attract a very specific group of people but we have never met so many people that turned into friends we will stay in touch forever with! Hotel was also at over 94% capacity every day when we were there at the end of the month in February. 
  • Ritz offers around the clock ferry that also goes to another island if you want to explore different restaurants, see something new or just grab a drink and enjoy sunset in a different place. 
  • Not only do they offer a large variety of activities like turtle snorkeling, seeing sharks but you can also rent out a jet ski and take it to a remote sandbank that's around 30 mins away (photo below). 
  • When staying at the hotel you have two options to pick from, take a seaplane or a boat (depending on your budget of course).
  • Minibar is restocked daily at no cost to the guest and not only does that include beer, chips, chocolate etc, but my all time fave truffle chips!!! If you're going to book a getaway to this paradise make sure to take a full advantage of the mini bar hehe.
  • Every villa has a butter that is assigned to you and by chatting them through whatsapp it makes it so much easier getting around the island, moving dinner reservations around or changing spa appts. 
  • Ritz opened in June of 2021 which makes it one of the newest hotels out there and it hands down is also the most modern hotel we've seen in Maldives. 

T R A V E L    T I P S:
  • Make sure to book your flights based on the times vs the price. Better to take a full advantage of the paradise than save money, you're already going all the way across the globe so might as well maximize the time! We landed at 8AM, got to the hotel by 10AM which added a full day at the hotel and even though we checked out of hotel at noon we didn't leave the hotel until 8PM which was amazing as we got to spend a day out at the beach, hang out with new friends and explore island some more.
  • Pack light. There is no need to bring half of a wardrobe as you'll be wearing swimwear during the day & a nice sundress for dinner at night. We only had one carryon + 2 backpacks for two of us since we also had a lot of camera gear and laptops.
  • Ritz website always has deals up so make sure to check those out, right now they have an offer for $1700+ for a room and activities -- you can't beat this! 
  • 4 nights and 5 days is just a right amount of time for this getaway as it'll give you enough time to explore multiple islands, dine at all restaurants and take full advantage of activities + spa. 
  • The boat ride from Male to Ritz is around 45 mins if you easily get sea sick you may want to look into an option of taking a sea plane! They're available at additional charge and are much faster. 


Yes, you red that correctly. Ritz offers three different type of villas while most of other hotels in Maldives or even Bora Bora only offer two kinds. Every time we have been to Maldives we have stayed at overwater villas but this time around we got to experience both - overwater & beach pool villa which was located on the ground instead of the water. 
*All the villas have private pool.

OCEAN POOL VILLAS are located in a circle located at the end of the islands that are surrounded by nothing but ocean. In the middle you will see a beautiful architecture building which is the spa. To get a better idea of the layout you can see my IG reel on HERE. These villas are the closest to the spa and furthest from the restaurants/beach/main pool. However they all have individual pools and everything and anything you may need in the room. However if you do want to get lunch/dinner/do an activity you'll have about 5-8 min ride with bicycle to the spots mentioned or a few min buggy ride with your butler. Keep in mind if the winds are strong these villas will also be the most windiest. The most beautiful thing about staying at ocean pool villas is that most of ocean life is on that side, incl. sharks, stingrays & fish.

LAGOON POOL VILLAS are located along the lagoon side of the islands and there are less of them than ocean pool villas. The views are just as stunning as ocean pool villas, however the main differences are that if you're staying at lagoon villas you have the best of both worlds, you're still staying in overwater villa but also your walkway to the villa is on the island ground so you just hop on a bicycle and in a minute or two you're at restaurants/pool/activities center. Our two bedroom villa had sunrise views which were absolutely beautiful to wake up to and sip coffee to. To get a better idea of what these villas look like you can see my IG reel on HERE

As mentioned previously this was the first time we got to stay at a villa on the island for few nights to experience it as well. The layout of the villa was pretty much identical to lagoon villa we stayed at the only difference being the access to the beach steps away. Keep in mind that this is a bit of a less private option as there will be people swimming in the ocean that are staying in villas surrounding you. Meanwhile lagoon & ocean pool villas do not have any beach access only direct ocean access steps down from your living room and if you're wanting to go to the beach you will have to take a bicycle. To see what beach pool villa looks like you can see my IG reel on HERE.

If you have been following along our travels for the past few months you also saw we went to Bora Bora for the first time thinking it would be similar to Maldives as it's been a few years since we were in Maldives last and after going back here again I fully stand by the statement that Maldives is much better compared to Bora Bora. Experience, customer service, villa designs and just overall experience cannot be compared to Bora Bora unfortunately. You can read my blog post on main differences for Bora Bora vs Maldives on HERE

In collaboration with Ritz Carlton Maldives.