My thoughts on traveling during Covid.

When Covid started, our entire life was put on hold and we don't know if we will ever go back to how it was.

It has been almost a year since the global pandemic started and I am still trying to wrap my head around it  saying W T F.  I think we can all agree life was too good prior to that, economy was booming, everyone was traveling, a lot of people were doing good financially and had jobs and then just like that the world stopped and everything was put on hold. Last year due to the pandemic we had to cancel close to 10 tips, which most were for work. A big part of the traveling joy, bonding with my hubby across the globe and seeing new places while working with hotels and travel agencies was taken away. To say the least it was a shock which we turned it into good for the remaining year of 2020 and just chilled and lived a more laid back life instead of always being on the go. 
Towards the end of the year we knew we just had to get out or we'd go crazy, traveling internationally every month and then stopping for a whole year def adds a toll and messes with your mind. We decided to go to Austin, Texas... while I am happy we went and checked it out, it was in no way enjoyable.  It was cold, windy most of the time we were there, we saw sun mayyyyybe for 1 day out of 4 and covid just made it no fun. To say the least we were so discouraged and disappointed in our trip lol we took another few month break. 
Then 2021 came around... we all thought something new will happen and maybe, just maybe we will be able to get back to traveling we booked a trip to Bora Bora to work with a hotel we were supposed to work with back in March of 2020. Two weeks before the trip Tahiti shut down for tourism and once again travel plans were put on hold. 

Due to our experiences of booking & cancelling trips I think it was important to share some travel tips if you are planning to get away:

  • COVID TRAVEL INSURANCE -- There is quite a few companies right now online that you can pay around $50 for to protect your entire trip in case the country you plan on going to shuts down tourism or anything travel related. 
  • PLAN FOR THE WORST, HOPE FOR THE BEST -  we were so hyped every time we booked a trip that every time it was cancelled we were depressed, discouraged and upset. If we only went into booking each trip with a mindset of what might happen we would've reacted different to the outcome.
  • TRAVEL WITHIN USA - who doesn't love to get out of country especially when everyone on IG is either in Dubai, Maldives or somewhere else. Keep in mind that those people most likely live in Europe or Asia and they are allowed to travel to those places at the moment. Even though it mentions US citizens can go to Maldives etc. there is still a chance it can change and you can get stuck there. Tahiti has been opened for months and the month we planned it it got shut down, so you just never know what will happen.
  • COVID TESTING - keep in mind that since January 26th the law has changed and airlines do require you to show the negative covid test prior to getting on the plane to go back to US. If you ask me that just adds more stress and chances not everyone can take. I personally don't know what I'd do if I tested positive and had to stay somewhere locked up in a different country for two weeks. To travel internationally you will need 2-3 tests. Be prepared and do your research by looking at government websites of the country you plan on going to.
I hope some of these tips & advices will help you navigate through these times and I really hope this all will be over soon and we will be able to go back to somewhat normal way of life.

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