Easy Winter to Spring transition fashion tips

Easy tips & my fave stores that make the transition easy and affordable.

Spring & summer are my absolute favorite seasons, it's just so fun to make a transition and add some new pieces into your wardrobe. Of course bundling up for winter and layering could be fun from time to time let's all admit NOBODY actually loves winter lol. Sadly we don't get much of winter where I am so we made a trip down to Lake Arrowhead to see snow for 1 day, literally drove up and got back a few hours later - that's about as much winter and snow as I can take. 

How I went from THIS:


Style tips on how to transition from Winter to Spring on a budget:

  • Mix in fun Spring colors into the items you already own. It can be something as simple as a colorful bag, scarf etc. You do not necessarily have to splurge on an entirely new wardrobe.
  • Mixing & layering. An image I shared in the beginning of the blog post where I am wearing a denim set & crop top is a great and easy way to mix spring and winter pieces. ZARA has literally been my go to for all the basics and closet staples lately.
  • Swap the ankle boots for sneakers. Nothing screams "winter" like a pair of winter boots and by swapping those out for a simple pair of sneakers you can change up the entire look.
My go-to websites for shopping nowadays:
  • ZARA - will get you covered for all your needs, whether it's basics or elevated looks.
  • AMAZON - they LITERALLY sell everything and anything and if you want something they most likely have it. Also, who can say no to one day shipping?!
  • VICI - they offer the best variety of Spring looks at the moment.

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