The 2020 way to style neutrals + monochrome looks.

2020 so far is for cozy neutrals + monochrome looks & I am here for it!
For as long as I could remember the trendiest outfits were always those that had a pop of color on it and honestly not everyone could pull that off and it sure wasn't me either. The brightest item I have in my closet is a neon pink hoodie lol. When 2020 came around we were all into the neutrals (FINALLY!) and shortly after cozy looks took over due to quarantine. I really hope this trend of cozy elevated looks will stick around for a while because everyone seems to be into it. With that being said I thought I'd share how I elevate my every day casual outfits.

Before I dive into my fave neutral looks at the moment I thought it would be interesting to share this monochrome look above which is super easy and fun to style. Putting together monochrome looks is never easy and that is because the whole point is to put together an outfit that has similar shades of one color and most of the time it just simply ends up looking miss matched and messy. After trying to pair up all sorts of colors in my closet I finally figured out the absolute easiest color to do monochrome looks with & that color is green! Yes, green.. that includes forest green, olive, seafoam, sage -- the options are endless as long as it's a green shade. I thought the best way to show how different shades of green could look good together is in two outfits shared above. Even thought the midi skirt is satin it looks ahhhmazing paired up with a simple green colored cotton tee, while pair of  pants made out of a completely different material also give it a chic look and go very well with that same tee.Hopefully these two examples will give you a better idea on how easy it is to play around with green monochrome tones!

Playing around with white + blue tones is another easy way to put together a monochrome look. I personally like to add bits of brown to these looks as shades of blue make quite a statement and tend to look more on a dressy side, I feel like by adding earthy tones like brown it dresses the outfit down a little and makes blue pop more. 

Of course I saved the best of last as these earthy tones are all casual street-style inspired but made to be dressed for comfort. All the three outfits above can be mixed and matched, dressed up or dressed down and that is the best part about all the earthy tones, they're super easy to style. Just add a chic bag to your look and you're good to go! 

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