The best Golden Goose dupes.

The best GG dupes + round up of some of my fave sneakers on a budget.
I'm all about comfort and a good outfit but I personally don't think it is fair to charge a ton in order to achieve it. I own around 50 pairs of sneakers that are all under $50 while only one pair is $350+ which is by GIVENCHY. While I absolutely love my fancy pair of sneakers it barely leaves the home as I splurged on it for those casual occasions where I could pair it up with a dress and not be too fancy but look like I tried (ya'll know what i mean girls!). Do I think it was worth it? Absolutely! BUT let me tell you I live in those other affordable pairs that are just as good and don't cost much. I have only included a few pairs on here as they are all from VICI and you can just go on HERE to see the rest of them. 

One of my all time fave Brands of shoes has always been Golden Goose. If you're not familiar with the name I guarantee you have seen them on IG, Pinterest or someone wearing them. They're everywhere & everyone has a paid. What you might've not known is they're literally $250+ which I think is ridiculous as that's how much I paid for my GIVENCHY and I am sorry but I cannot compare the two Brands lol. 

My experience of shooting many similar sneakers for an online retailer VICI who's focus is modern + affordable fashion for everyday modern woman has proved to me that you can have a great quality sneakers that are very similar to GG on a budget! That has led me to share this post with you where I rounded up my personal fave pairs. They are also US based and offer free returns if you have to exchange it for a different size, so if you're considering getting a GG dupes don't even think about researching it and ordering from China, then waiting a month and seeing not what you hoped with no way of returning it or getting your money back (trust me I've been there & done that lol).

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