Q&A: About me.

Way overdue post on most asked questions.
So let's jump right into it!

Q: How do you afford traveling so much?
A. I would say 90% of our travel trips are all work related where hotels we work with cover the trip, all expenses and pay us to create content for them. The other 30% are our trips that we pay for & lemme just tell you "google flights" section gives the best deals!

Q:When did you start your blog?
I started the blog back in 2015, that's also when I started taking instagram more seriously and started treating it like a work platform vs. post whatever.

Q: Do you need a blog or having Instagram is enough?
A. I personally suggest having both. While IG is great for those campaigns that require only one post having an ability to offer a blog post for a Brand or a hotel that includes multiple photos, your experience etc. is so much more valuable than one photo on IG. Posts on Instagram don't really tell a story while blog is so much more personal and more relatable. With that being said if you'd like to share more and monetize more I'd suggest being active on all social media platforms. 

Q: Is blogging your full time job?
A. No. I also create content for Vici which is an online fashion retailer. You can find me on their website + IG on Mondays, Saturdays + Sundays :). From time to time I also work with other Brands that need content only for their swimwear or clothing Brands as well but I try not to take up too much as I am already handfull. 

Q: How do you get to collaborate with hotels?
A. Back when I started blogging I already had plenty of travel photos to share from, by sharing that on my Instagram + blog hotels started noticing and inviting us to stay at their hotels and capture their properties. The more we travel the more hotels reach out, the more campaigns come through. One of my all time fave collabs is still ongoing with W Hotels, we have gone to their hotel opening in Brisbane/Australia, Doha/Qatar and music festival in Dubai/Emirates. 

Q:Why do you not include AD in your posts like other bloggers?
A. Because only about 20% of my all time posts are sponsored. I turn down more campaigns than I take, I could honestly say I probably say no to 95% of the campaigns. I will never post any products that I don't believe in, use myself or know nothing about. No amount of money will ever make me post CBD products, teeth whitening stuff, skincare Brands I know nothing about etc. Ya'll should know that already as when it comes to skincare I only use handful of Brands I purchase myself (some are gifted time from time as Brands see I am loyal to them), when it comes to clothes I am very loyal to a few Brands I love and barely try others as I am unfamiliar with their quality or sizing.

Q: How long does it take you to pack? 
A. Never longer than half hour. I have no patience and I believe I am pretty efficient when packing, I only take what I will need. If we're going to be somewhere for 5 days I only pack 5 day looks, 5 evening looks and no more than 3 pairs of shoes. I usually take only one handbag with me that will go with everything.

Q: Favorite place you have been to in the world?
A. So far my favorite would have to be Maldives. Thankfully we got a chance to go there twice already and am already planning to go back at the end of this year again!

Q: Worst travel experience?
A. This is an ongoing bad experience that I cannot control and just simply have to deal with - bad weather. There is nothing worse than traveling across the globe for just a few days to capture content and having to deal with tight deadlines and bad weather. That's when creativity & adrenaline really kicks in lol.


  • Most of my photos on IG are taken by my hubby while everything for Vici is taken by my photographer Ben Lioe.
  • I could never take a phone photo and post it unless it's either landscape, interior or food. There is just something about taking it on the camera that makes it more professional, artsy etc. Phone photos to me mean lazy and lack of creativity.
  • I LOVE editing, I edit thousands of photos a week for VICI and I love the challenges I come across and learning different things about Lightroom and Photoshop to me is so fun. I also hope to get back into videos at some point too but it's a whole another story to learn how to do that so I'm not in a rush. 
  • I keep personal life separate from my social media. I am a pretty private person and even though my husband takes most of my photos and we're together 24/7 I keep it to minimal and share tiny bits on him on my stories as he is in a completely different field of business than social media.
  • The only time ever I traveled with a regular luggage and not just a carryon was for our wedding, because clearly we couldn't fit everything into a tiny luggage. However after the wedding we threw away 1 large luggage + 1 carry on, and traveled for two weeks with just one carry on and yes I had plenty of outfits for each day hehe as summer looks are light and tiny. If we are going for less than 3 days somewhere we take 1 carry on for both of us, anything over 3 days we take both carry ons, but NEVER a full luggage lol I don't think we even own that anymore. 

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