Sin City: travel guide for couples.

A very necessary blog to prove that Vegas isn't only for single people to go to and party, but also is great for (married or not) couples that can have fun in Vegas too and there is plenty of fun, romantic activities to do.
I am sure each one of you have been to Vegas at least once, most likely when you were single as it is known for pool parties, nightclubs, bachelorette parties and sleepless nights. While it truly is most of that the city also offers plenty of romantic and fun things to do for couples who are looking to go on a quick, affordable getaway. I am pretty picky when it comes to things to do and places to eat at and the list I have curated in this blog post I highly believe is worth checking out for all. 

S T A Y. This city literally offers the biggest variety of hotels I have ever seen at all price points. When planning trips the hardest part and the most important one is finding a right hotel in a great location, well Vegas offers plenty of hotels in the main area for as little or as much as you want to spend - great location and service guaranteed. Some of my fave hotels to stay at are Venetian, and Cosmopolitan. 
D O. Bring a comfortable pair of shoes because most of daytime activities will involve lots of walking and exploring. I find that the most romantic and adventurous thing to do is wander through the most popular hotels to see their decor as each one represents a specific theme. Example: Venetian hotel is supposed to make you feel like you're in Venice, Italy while Caesar's hotel gives a completely different vibe of a different city. 

Once you're done exploring here are some must-visit spots of Sin City:
  • The neon museum. Def a must see and probably the most touristy thing you'll do in Vegas hehe but it's all worth it. Make sure to go there when it's a bit cooler outside as it is outdoors and no one wants to be wandering around in the Vegas heat.
  • Gondola Ride. One of the most romantic things that we've done in Vegas was the gondola ride, located at Venetian Hotel. It's not too long of a river ride but gives you plenty of time to take some amazing photos, listen to live songs and enjoy the sunset. We have done both rides - morning and evening and I highly recommend going just in time for sunset as it's much more romantic and beautiful.

WINE & DINE. The spots listed are some of my all time faves I've gathered from all the trips I've made to Vegas over the years that I could honestly say are sooo fun and perfect for couples.

  • The Mayfair Supperclub. Probably one of my fave spots to go to at night for dinner + a show. While you wine and dine there is shows throughout the night to entertain you, everything from modern dancing to burlesque (classy) etc. Make sure to call way ahead of time to make a reservation as they get booked out and ask to have a table as close to the stage as possible as otherwise you will not see anything. This is not a ticket sort of a place so you will not have to pay more to be closer to stage, afterall you are here for dinner and the show is just an extra cherry on top.
  • Black Tap restaurant. If you have a sweet tooth or just want a cute, tasty brunch spot look no further. This place is known for their shakes (hence the photo above), they also have board games to keep ya entertained, indoor seating and outdoor (my fave) as it overlooks the Vegas strip and the famous Venetian river.
  • Beauty & Essex. Sexy vibe kinda restaurant, very dark and intimate place with good music and food. If you ask me it's a perfect night for a night out with your significant other. & yes you can wear that sexy LBD you have in your closet for a night out here :) 
P O O L S I D E. If you're in Vegas with your significant other you want to have a relaxing but still fun afternoon in the sun without all the bachelor parties and people going wild, lines in the bathroom etc. Well Venetian is great for that. They have 2 or 3 pools I believe that are some of the classiest pools in Vegas. They also offer cabanas with AC and all the other extras if you want to splurge. If you don't mind a bit of a party scene Cosmopolitan and Wynn pools would be my second choice.

S H O W S. You cannot go to Vegas and not see a show, my all time favorite show is O show by Cirque Du Soleil. While I have seen most of them I'd only recommend this one as it is truly incredible to watch and is the only one that sticks out in my memory out of everything I have seen. If you don't want to splurge on the show then head over to The Mayfair I talked about above as you can have both at the same time -- see a great show throughout the night and have a great dinner. 

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