The Aloha State Of Mind: Honolulu, Hawaii

My favorite state of mind is vacation and nothing is more relaxing than being on an island with no worries, tropical trees & drinks and sunshine all day long.

It's been waayyy too long since I've shared my travels on here and it's about time I change that. It's so easy to get distracted these days and overwhelmed, let alone not compare your content to others and then not feel good enough to share it. I've been in that place for about half year now which I am pushing myself to change! I had to remind myself that I started this platform to help you all plan your trips, give the insights, share tips on travel destinations and my experience. 

Hawaii always had a special place in my heart as it was one of the first trips me and my husband (back then boyfriend hehe) took and it has so many great memories of us still getting to know each other. We try to go back there at least once a year but of course with all the work, travel campaigns it always turns into more of "every other year sort of a trip". This time around I expected Hawaii to be the same, the weather, the beaches etc. and I was shocked about how much it has changed!! I wish I could say for the better but I was quite surprised and I want to share it here instead of sugar coating. 

F L I G H T S. Going to Hawaii from LAX is always around $350 which in my opinion is extremely good! It used to cost $500+ and thanks to "google flights" system you can shop by flexible dates and their calendar and get yourself a sweet deal nowadays.

B E A C H . We stayed at a hotel a block away from the beach hoping to go lay out and hang out by the beach every day, however we were surprised when we walked over and the beach was ran down -- barely any sand lol (which later we found out the ocean has washed off most of the sand and it's been a raising issue in the state due to global warming), not well taken care of and sort of cluttered with boats, water toys etc. that should not be that close to the shore. Let's just say we walked over and walked back immediately to rent a car and go across the island to local beaches that were over an hour away. 
If you're planning a trip to Honolulu make sure to check out "Sunset beach" which is located on North Shore of the island. There seems to be two beaches named the same so make sure to google " Oahu sunset beach crooked tree" lol it might sound silly but it's seriously one of the cleanest, prettiest beaches not to mention it has a fun looking crooked tree that you see in postcards.

W E A T H E R. Make sure to check the weather prior to going or even better if you can check how much rain the island gets the month you want to go as it'll help you plan it better for packing. If it says it's going to rain don't worry! It rains for few minutes and goes away just like it does in every other island, that's just a nature doing its thing but you still want to know if it's not a rainiest season of the year so you don't waste your trip indoors.

E X P L O R E. If you have time and could splurge a bit I would recommend renting a car and driving around the island to check out all the spots yourself instead of going on tours. Nothing says adventure than experiencing everything on yourself, getting lost then finding your ways around. 
A few must-see spots in the island are: 
  • Sunset Beach
  • Ocean Dreamer shop to take a quick lesson on how to make lei's and take one home yourself (I am wearing them in the photos on this blog post).
  • Drive over to see the gardens where Jurassic Park was filmed (bring a drone if you have one), hike Diamond Head (views are amazinggggg if you make it to the top).

This getaway to Oahu was a quick trip for us as we only went Thursay - Sunday. While it may sound a bit short it actually is just enough time to see all the spots mentioned above and relax. It also is one of the best, most beautiful islands of Hawaii and you certainly cannot beat good travel deals so I highly recommend going to check it out! 

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