Bali Diary. Pt 2

Post full of tropical vibes and travel advice. 
At times when it comes to taking a trip across the country we tend to forget about some of the most important things. I wanted to share a few tips and tricks I have learned overtime and most importantly that I was taught by my fiancĂ©, because before him I was that person traveling with a few luggages, packed with things I did not like and was not going to wear. So, let's get personal! 

For every item you want to add to your luggage ask yourself if you will really wear this item and if you already have the shoes that will go with the outfit, another great question is have you already worn it? We always tend to bring items we absolutely love and wear all the time already. Try adding items you haven't worn yet, we all have closets filled with items we bought once thinking the time will come when you will wear them, well now is the time. Instead of going with your regular, favorited items add those you have not worn yet! Struggling between certain shirts or dresses? Leave them behind at home and buy a new one during your vacation. 
When it comes to packing shoes I always try to wear fashionable sneakers that I could actually wear out during my vacation as well. Along with sneakers, for a tropical vacation I always pack only two pairs of sandals - gladiator sandals (for all the cute, fancy outfits) and slide ons for an every day casual look. Thankfully Lulus got me taken care of with all the essentials, tops and dresses for both day and night time! 

Travel time.
When it comes to a vacation my motto is less travel time, more vacation time! However, when it comes to traveling across the globe there is only a few shortcuts you could actually take. The main shortcut is the obvious one that we tend to forget about the most - luggage. Now, this is where "packing" part I just told you about plays a big part. By narrowing down your closet into your absolute must have items for the vacation you should have no more than one carry on luggage. Yes, you might have to roll up your items instead of folding them or just throwing them in there but at the end of the day it will save you at least two hours of travel time of standing around checking in your luggage or waiting for it, not to mention the risk of losing it and ending up with nothing. 
I have traveled to many places where I have stayed up to two weeks and I have never brought more than a carry on. Pack smart, if you're going to a tropical location, plan to bring a top + dress / day. It's more than enough - at the end of the day you will be spending lots of time by the beach in your bikini anyway! 
p.s. I did have space in my luggage and I might or I might have not stopped by the Intercontinental Resort boutique shop located next to our suite. However, I'd leave it at that as my fiancé reads all my blog posts haha.

Daily refilled coconut stand at Intercontinental Resort -- now you know why almost every photo I've shared included a coconut. It was hard to pass by without getting one as it's probably the most delicious and freshest coconuts I've ever had. 

Where I spend most of my afternoons - steps away from the beach at the daybed with a camera in one hand and a yummy tropical drink in the other. 

Intercontinental Resort also has a beach bar where everyone comes to enjoy the beautiful sunset. We spent most of our evenings here, not going to lie due to the time different we almost fell asleep once the sun went down because it was simply so cozy and the sound of the crashing waves in front of us was just simply relaxing. 

Pictured above is a second pool at Intercontinental Resort, as mentioned previously in the first post about Bali there is a total of three pools and many many other pool like areas to swim in! Because I could barely sit in one place for too long as you can guess I probably moved through the entire Resort throughout the day, every day. Adam was definitely annoyed because every time we would sit down to lay out I'd want to go check out another place an hour later, but that's simply because Resort offers so many different hang out places, I just did not want to miss out on anything. If you're looking for a place to stay in Bali, I highly recommend Intercontinental Bali Resort, DM / message me for any additional questions you may have! 

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  1. bali looks so beautiful i hope that one day I can go there too . You blog is very good.