Bali Diary .

Filled with tropical moments in Bali. 
With wedding planning and many other things going on we've been wanting to go on a vacation for quite some time now. We try to get out of Los Angeles at least once a month and go somewhere local for at least one or two nights but a tropical vacation far far away was much needed and there was no better time than now! 
Bali has always been on my bucket list and I could honestly say it was just what I expected and more! It's a a tropical paradise surrounded by turquoise waters. If you have been keeping up with my travels you probably know that we've gone to places like Maldives and Seychelles that are one of the top locations for most beautiful beaches around the world -- well, Bali should be up there as well, in my opinion. If you have not yet been there, I highly recommend to add it to your bucket list and start planning your next getaway! 
Choosing a hotel was a no brainer, we went with Intercontinental Resort and it could not be anymore perfect. It was my first time staying at a Resort and my oh my did i love it or what haha! If you saw my Insta stories (which there sure was an overload of) you saw three different pools, multiple restaurants and all the activities they offered right on site! However, once the hotel was covered and all set up I realized I had no outfits for the trip as all my summer outfits have been left at moms! Thankfully Lulus has everything from flats to hats and dresses - within three days I had everything delivered and packed. Ladies, if you're planning a getaway and need a few more great looks to add check out Lulus
Intercontinental Resort is located on the beachside where you get access to the beautiful turquoise waters just a few steps away from your room. It's also located in sort of a middle of the island of Bali so that you can conveniently get around the island by them arranging you a private driver! Yes,   felt majorly spoiled over there and I loved every minute of it. To not overwhelm you with eye excitement about my trip I will leave some details off for my upcoming posts later this week, so stay tuned to find out more about Intercontinental Resort and travel guide of Bali! 

Beachside bar at Intercontinental Resort. Perfect spot to watch the sunset from - yep, we spent every evening there enjoying these yummy cocktails :p. Hat by Lulus.
Breakfast views at one out of two Restaurants where you get complimentary breakfast. The minute I walked it to breakfast I said goodbye diet hehe. Outfit details: Hat & hat by Lulus
Pretty views all around the Intercontinental Resort. I mean how dreamy is this!! 

Spoiling yourself on the vacation is the most important thing and we sure took a full advantage of all the services Intercontinental Resort offered. Checking out a spa hotels offer during your vacation is very important as they offer unique, local massages - it is not your typical massage. Every country is known for it's food, traditions and each have a unique touch on the massage techniques.  We decided to spoil ourselves and got a ninety minute Bali massage -- less, 90 minutes of the most relaxing , much needed massage. with unique, tropical scented oils. 

Happy wife, happy life they say. My fiancĂ© can agree with that haha. 

Above is just a preview of what our breakfast looked like daily! I mean, did you think I was kidding when I said I felt spoiled? I really hope my fiancĂ© took notes because I have pretty high expectations for breakfast from now on. On the right is one out of three pools that are on site at Intercontinental, you can chose to either enjoy your breakfast by the beautiful poolside or indoors closer to the Resort. 

Just another day in paradise. 


  1. Great post, i have always wanted to go to bali but was afraid that it was too far from my home in Chicago. Was the flight really long?

    You have been to some amazing places, where is the next place you want to go ?

  2. Hi Jamie, the flight from LA was around 16 hours to Hong Kong ( must have stop ) and another 4 hours to Bali. Not sure how long from Chicago ? It's definitely worth going to but be prepared for a long flight hehe. && thank you I am trying to explore the unique tropical beaches around the globe , I'm thinking next Australia -- Have you been ? What's on your bucket list ? Would love to know .