Bali travel guide.

Where to go & what to see. 
Going to new places is always fun but when you're in a different country where language is different getting around the island can get quite frustrating and difficult. My fiancĂ© is a little crazy when it comes to planning, he wants to have it all planned out and ready to go haha. Well this time, I told him to leave the planning up to me and thankfully it all came through just the way I have hoped, thanks to Intercontinental Resort who was there for me every step of the way. 

Where to stay. 
I did quite bit of a research before booking a trip to Bali. I've seen many posts on social media about everyone staying at local, boutique hotels around the island. However, I decided to dig into it a little deeper and started reading reviews, where I shortly found out that local hotels tend to be in the middle of the island (far from the beach), do not offer transfers to the airport, don't have restaurants or any activities on site. After my research, it made a complete sense to stay at Intercontinental Resort, it offers complimentary breakfast, private drivers on site, three different pools, many Restaurants, Spa and any outdoor activities you can possibly think of - most importantly it's located steps away from the beach! 

Getting around the island of Bali. 
Up until this trip we always looked for local drivers to take us to explore places, however it was always a struggle communicating. This time, we saved all the stress and had Intercontinental Resort set everything up. All we had to do is tell them which days and where we wanted to go and they set up a private driver (less than $100 / day)  to take us around the island! Um.. did i mention the drivers had a perfect english? Hehe it was sort of amazing, because they were locals they were able to give us background/short tour of everywhere we went to. 

What to see. 
So as much as I told my fiancĂ© I had it all planned, I did not haha. I relied on Intercontinental Resort to give me suggestions on where to go and what to see. Rice fields,fish market and a local market, elephant safari, traditional  shows were a must-see according to them, so I went ahead and booked it all! Take a look at images bellow to see our adventures around Bali. 

What's one thing you absolutely must do when in Bali. 
Well, this is a no brainer! Right before we left for our trip I googled the craziest and most fun things to do in Bali and a swing in the middle of a jungle came up. I figured that when I got to the island locals would know where it is, thankfully there is quite a few of those swings around Bali so when you get there simply ask your driver that you'd like to go on one and they'll take you there! Trust me, you'll have the time of your life even if you're scared of heights it's just too much fun to pass on. The views of the island will leave you speechless as you'll swing off the cliff into the jungle!

Elephant safari. 

Exploring rice fields of Bali. Outfit by Lulus.


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