Bridal diary w/Grace Loves Lace.

I have been following Grace Loves Lace brand grow over the years, I came cross their Instagram ages ago and fell in love with a laid back styles they offered. At the moment from what I remember they only had an online store so when I heard about their boutique salon on Abbot Kinney in Venice I knew right then when the moment came I had to stop by to check out the beautiful pieces they offer. 
Ladies, let me tell you one thing if you love their pieces online, they're just as beautiful and more detailed in person! I have been eyeing quite a few gorgeous dresses over the past few years and seeing them in person and being able to try them on was a dream come true.

Also, can we just take a minute to talk about their AH-MAZING decor?? I mean, this might be one of the most beautiful spaces I have ever seen in my life. (Even their pipes were copper color, yes - I am currently sitting at home trying to come up with a project so that I can add some copper pop in my household lol).

For all the brides to be, Grace Loves Lace offers a large variety of dresses that are budget friendly and don't cost a leg or an arm haha. I've come across some dresses at previous salons that went up as high at twenty thousand, so being beautifully made pieces that are this detailed and are in $500- $3,000 range was refreshing. I highly recommend checking them out, even if that means making a trip out to Los Angeles. 

Linking a few of my faves at the bottom of the post for you ladies to take a look at. 

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