Bride mode.

Yup, with wedding being less than a year away there is quite a lot happening over here. The only thing that stops be from going into bridezilla mode is my amazing fiancĂ© who believe it or not is such an early planner and is pretty much running the checklist of what needs to be done now so we can relax months before and not stress. Overall it's been a very calm planning process, wedding planner and everyone is on board and only the little details need to fall into place. 
I thought I will share some things I have learned over the past few months during the wedding planning process on here with you brides to be!

Paper invites vs. e-invites 
From the beginning we've wanted to do paper invites and I am glad we went forward with it. Yes, e-invites are just so easy to track and manage but don't forget many people get a lot of spam emails and it might get lost. Creating a custom paper invite is the way to go, it not only is more personal but also represents you and your partner. It also doesn't have to cost a fortune, find a small boutique party supplies/printing spot. I found a great spot in Downtown LA that was just under $100 for 50 invites (envelopes included + many drafts for me to chose from and make changes on). If you're in LA, send me a message and I will gladly share the information with you. 

Wedding website
Sounds pretty easy right? Well it's not. It has to include everything from how to get there, to where to stay, discounts for hotels and pretty much every single step of it has to be made clear and easy to understand (yes, I am talking about our grandmas that do not sit on the computer 24/7). Wix is a great website that you can create a custom wedding website on! 

Destination wedding? Do not be afraid to reach out to every single hotel that is by your wedding venue to ask for a discount. Hotels would much rather have the rooms booked and reserved now that worry about selling them out right before. When requesting discounts, mention the amount of rooms you will be possibly booking that way they can give you a bigger discount.

Pretty little things.
Ok, I am all about having the wedding planner and florist take charge at certain things and provide all the pretty little things for the wedding BUT the idea of the wedding being a destination and me getting there just 4 days before the wedding is terrifying. To have what we want there we're taking charge ourselves of many little things, such as photo booth + props, guest book and some decor. It's not about saving money (even though it's way cheaper to get it yourself sometimes), it's about having the relief knowing that the details you want you can have a head of time and be sure it's exactly what you want. Who wants to get to their own wedding and be surprised? And I am not talking about being surprised in a  good way. Amazon and Etsy have been my best friends for the final touches! 

Anything else you'd like me to share about wedding planning process please comment bellow. I love hearing feedback, ideas and ladies if you have had a destination wedding I would very much appreciate any suggestions you may have as I am sure I am leaving some details out. 

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  1. Your post is very inspirational . I am also getting married soon and am so excited !