His & Her style.

Yay, my dream has came true and my fiancĂ© has finally (after asking him for over a year) to join me for a quick shoot over the weekend! I could honestly say that this was my favorite shoot, besides the engagement photo shoot we had (which was our first one together,& you can see more on HERE).
When we started dating our outfits were not matching at all and were not in sync whatsoever, I am sure some of you can relate. After moving in and me getting to know his closet it became easier to coordinate and finally dress like a couple! Yes, he loves his sweat pants and orange sneakers but he can wear that on his own, when we're out and about together we always try to compliment each other's looks by wearing similar colors or details (sort of cheezy but I absolutely LOVE it).

When I am shopping for myself, I always run through men's section too to see what they've got - I always tend to go for simple shirts with prints on the front. It not only looks good but adds more detail to his outfit.


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