Palm Springs . Part 2

As promised part two on Palm springs ! I think i got almost everything covered as far as the hotel goes, about all the fun outdoor games and hammocks and different hang out spots it offers in the first post. So i just wanted to share more photos from the trip on this one, so you can get a better idea on how beautiful the hotel actually is.
I am surprised it is considered as a hotel, since it has so much land and is as spread out as it is, they might as well just change it into a resort ! Because believe me it sure feels like  one when you are there.


Entrance of the hotel is absolutely beautiful.
One out of many outdoor games they offer. You will never be bored when staying there. 
This is probably one of the nicest hang out spots i have ever been by. It just is extremely relaxing, not only because of the fire but it is surrounded by the trees and it really puts you at peace. You might only be a few hours from LA, but it sure feels like you are far far away. 
Keep in mind there is only two hammocks on the hotel grounds. I was doing 5 minute check ups if people have left haha, once we sat down we probably did not get up in forever. This was definitely one of my favorite spots of the hotel. 
Get this lace cardigan on here 
We got really lucky with the weather as well. Usually Palm Springs gets as hot as over 120 degrees, when we were there it was only 96 which was just perfect. When booking a getaway always make sure you look at the weather out there !

Another photo of the lobby, just because i love everything about the look of this hotel and the way it has been designed.
So i have been wanting to check out "Great Shakes" milkshake shop for a long time now and i am glad we finally did on the way home. I meannnn does it get any better than this?! A milkshake topped with a donut. I am drooling just by talking about it. I highly recommend stopping by and checking it out yourself on the way home when leaving Palm Springs.

Great Shakes
-xo, Sky Naite

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