Palm Springs . Part 1

Oh Mondays… I definitely have a love/hate relationship with this day especially after a weekend's getaway. Considering that i have lived in California for 5 years now i cannot believe i have only been to Palm Springs twice ! It is such a close and a beautiful ride from Los Angeles to Palm Springs that i am definitely going to try and make this happen more often.
Last time i went we stayed at Viceroy, which now i am hearing has been bought out and is called Avalon. Of course if you have been to Palm Springs you know the amount of hotels is very limited there. Instead of going back to "Viceroy aka Avalon" i wanted to try out Le Parker Meridien and see what this hype is all about. 

The drinks by the pool side are absolutely delicious && so is the food. You cannot go wrong with anything you get.

Oh my where do i begin when the entire hotel is so beautiful and has so much to offer. I might hold off on a few things and share just general details so that those of you that have not been there can be excited when you get there yourself. Le Parker Meridien has two pools, one for families and the other one for those who want to just hang out with their friends, have a drink and float around on the pool (it gets a little bit loud on the weekend, so having two options is actually great). Now let's talk about room, which i sadly just realized i took no pictures of! We got the basic room and oh my it was huge, both - bathroom and room itself, it also had a quite large patio that you share with your neighbor staying next door. Hotel also offers many outdoor games to play , hammocks and many different places to hang out at. We stayed for two days and we were not bored at all, as a matter of fact we did not even want to leave to get food in downtown area. So if you are looking to book a hotel i highly recommend this place whether it is for a weekend getaway with your loved one or friends ! You will not be disappointed.


Lace Cardigan - Single Thread Boutique, buy on here
V Wire Bikini - Victoria's Secret, similar on here
Hat - Boutique, but similar here 

When packing for a two day getaway you just have to pick and chose on what to bring. I only brought two day dresses and a lace cardigan with a few bikinis. At the end of the trip i have realized that i have overpacked and ended up wearing a lace cardigan pretty much the entire time there. I love the material it is made out of as well as on how it covers the body. If you are looking for a cute lace cover up that goes well as a bikini cover up or just a cardigan to wear over the shorts and tank you must get this ! 

Hang out area just outside the room.
Lemonade Stand
Outdoor restaurant just outside the hotel. Great food & large portions.
Le Parker Meridien is a very unique trendy boutique hotel.
Stay updated for Palm Springs Part 2 ! We ended up taking so many great photos that i had to split it into two posts. A big thank you goes to my amazing boyfriend who is slowly but patiently learning how to use a professional camera, which we all know is not as easy as it looks.

-xo,Sky Naite

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