Weekend Escape.

Moving to California from Chicago is definitely the best decision i have ever made, it honestly is like living the dream. Not only you always have the best weather, but you can drive an hour away to Palm Springs, Laguna Beach or Malibu and it feels like a little getaway. I always get asked which beach is my favorite, which is the reason i wanted to snap some photos of it to share with you.
My go to beach in California is definitely Aliso Beach located in Laguna, it honestly is heaven on earth. It is a little bit of a drive after the main beaches of Laguna but it is a little bit excluded which makes it not as crowded as others. Aliso is surrounded by beautiful mountains and rocks to walk around on (when life guard is not around of course haha). If you are looking for a quick getaway that takes no planning, Laguna is a great place for a beach day and a date night afterwards at The Deck that is located right on the ocean.

Aliso beach has a very big parking lot right next to it as well as one across the street. If you get there late there is plenty of free street parking as well !
Yes… It is mid summer here in LA, but the water was still cold && my other half thought ahead of time and brought a wetsuit ! Of course, i do not have one so i , like the rest of the people did a little dance every time i went into the water because it was ice cold hehe.
The lifeguards are definitely on top of their game at Aliso, they always make sure everyone is separated so all the kids are safe and all the skimmers, surfers etc. are on the opposite sides. 
As much as i tried to capture the size of the waves i couldn't seem to do do it. In my opinion they were at least 4ft or more, if you are going with kiddos make sure you check the weather conditions before you go ! 
Stunning views all around Aliso Beach. 
For some reason ocean side at Aliso Beach is always stunningly blue ! I felt like we were back in Tulum. Even if you have a beach located by you that is your go-to , i highly recommend taking a drive to Aliso, i promise you will not be disappointed.
f o r e v e r. 
-xo, Sky Naite 

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