Whoever said paradise does not exist has never been to Maldives.

It has been in my bucket list for a while now, and i couldn't be happier to finally see it. I have never imagined how long it takes to get there, sea plane, plane and a boat.. ! Long but a very exciting trip.
If your plane gets into Male Intl. Airport too late in the day and you cannot make it on a sea plane to the hotel, you will have to book a hotel by the airport.
KEEP IN MIND. MALE ( where airport is located )  is a muslim country. Do not wear a bikini or show too much skin, bring an extra pair of pants to wear around if you are staying around the airport area for a night. I had to learn it a hard way. We discovered a small beach on Male, so i wore my bikini to get a tan. We were escorted by military and a police because all the muslim women were covered up, and i was not dressed appropriately according to their law. ALSO, do not ask for an alcohol on the main island, it is against their beliefs. You can order a mojito at a restaurant, but it will be a virgin mojito. You will not be able to bring in or buy alcohol until you reach the W on their own island, or any other hotel you are staying at.

We were coming from Los Angeles, Ca. Since there was a lot of connecting flights when booking the trip to Maldives we decided to extend the stay at each place. LAX- Seoul - Bangkok - Phuket - Maldives - Bangkok - LAX.

From Bangkok to Male intl airport is about 4 hours, from there you have to have your hotel you are staying at in Maldives book a sea plane. In order to get to the sea plane, you are taking the boat ! Views are mesmerizing, make sure you charge your cameras and phones !
W hotel has been chosen as one of the top resorts in Maldives, that is where we stayed since this is once in a lifetime kind of a getaway.
W Resort offers many water activities, most are complimentary. Scuba diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding , you name it they have it.

If you are booking W, make sure you pay extra and stay on the over water bungalow, houses on the island barely get sun and are not as nice. If you are coming all this way, do it right ! There is 3 restaurants on the island, Fish ( only sea food ) , Fire ( BBQ, - around $200 /person buffet , no alcohol included ) and Kitchen ( serves everything ).
Here is the view from the over water bungalow we stayed at.

You can rent a paddle board & snorkeling gear and go on an adventure right out of your place straight into the ocean!Each over water bungalow includes a private pool,jacuzzi and a cabana. 

Dress by Sabo Skirt

-xo Sky Naite 

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