Palm Springs

Palm Springs is close enough to Los Angeles for a weekend getaway, yet far enough where you feel as of you are thousand miles away on a beautiful getaway. Viceroy is one of my favorite places to stay at when going to Palm Springs. It stands out from other hotels by the designs all over the property and gardens that surround the entire hotel. You will not want to leave the hotel once you stay there ! And those who have been to Palm Springs know that there is not much to do. With that being said, it is worth to splurge on the hotel because that is there you will spend majority of your time. Viceroy has an amazing restaurant inside, brunch place and two pools. It sort of reminds me of Estancia hotel located in La Jolla, if you haven't stayed there take a look at my post about it. Here is a few snap shots of what to expect at Viceroy. 

Viceroy is also known as one of the top wedding destinations of Palm Springs.


If you want to be a little spontaneous and want to plan a trip to Viceroy very last minute, download the app "Hotel Tonight", i have seen it on there almost every week with great deals ! 

-xo, Sky Naite 


Tired of having the same toast every day ?? Spice up your breakfast with these crafty toast ideas that taste good, have plenty of nutrition and take no time to make ! :) 

Ingredients: blueberries, cream cheese of your choice, pistachios and pomegranate seeds.
Preparation: once the toast is ready, use cream cheese spread and top it with blueberries, pistachios and grenade seeds. 

Ingredients: pomegranate seeds, avocado, bread, feta cheese, olive oil.

Once the bread is toasted, top it with sliced avocado, grenade seeds and feta cheese. If you would like you can also add a tiny bit of olive oil.

Ingredients: chia seeds, bananas, bread, pistachios, cream cheese / peanut butter. 

Toast the bread, apply peanut butter or cream cheese of your choice. Top with sliced banana, pistachios and chia seeds.

Ingredients: raspberries, pistachios, cream cheese of your choice, basil and bread.

Preparation: once the toast is ready, use cream cheese spread and top it with basil, raspberries and pistachios.