Super Bowl Sunday


It is that time of the year again…Super Bowl !! For the boys it is all about cheering for teams, drinking and eating.. And for us girls…well for us it is all about the commercials during the Super Bowl & looking cute when bar hopping during this sunday fun day.

We all know that at this time of the year, this specific sunday all the boys will be out at the bars and what girl wouldn't want to look cute when going bar hopping? Whether you are out with your man watching Super Bowl or with the girlfriends you always have to look your best, because you never really know who you are going to meet. This outfit is very simple and easy to put together, it will give that festive and fun look. 
*If you are cheering for a specific team you can always buy a different bandana & make it that much more special.

Top "Eden Sky" , however any oversized / muscle top will work 
American flag bandana "Party City" 
Shorts "F21"
Garter tights "Nordstrom"

This outfit is not only great for Super Bowl but July 4th as well. 
-xo Sky Naite