Carribbean Getaway: Sandals Dunn's River.


Travel guide to Jamaica. 
This being my second time being back in Jamaica I finally feel confident to share it on my blog. First time I went to visit this beautiful Caribbean paradise was over 10 years ago with my family which was long before I started shooting on professional camera nor took anything seriously that had to do with social media. This time around me and hubby went back with Sandals Resorts to check out their Dunn's River property. Even though Sandals Royal Carribean has been on my bucket list since they offer over water bungalows it wasn't in the books this time around, however Dunn's River property also happened to offer unique swim-up villas which aligned with luxurious properties I share over on my social media outlets. Without hesitation we hoped on a flight to Jamaica to explore this property and spend an entire week there.

G E T T I N G     T H E R E     &     A R O U N D: 

There is simply no easy way of getting to Jamaica, most likely you will have a stop or two. I highly suggest stopping at one of your layovers to split up a trip. We tried to do so by stopping in Miami but unfortunately that didn't work out and we had around 5hrs at the airport on the way to Jamaica and on the way back to California we had a 3 hr layover. Properties also happen to be located 50mins + from the airport as the island is big compared to any other islands we've been around the world. Once you land there is plenty of options for taxi and shuttle buses in case your hotel has not set one up. Everyone's english is great so you will have no trouble getting out or getting around hte island as everyone is super helpful and because tourism is one of the main industries it'll be their priority to help you as much as they can. 

Getting around the island is easy and you should arrange it through your hotel or a shuttle company online. You can also get a taxi once you get to town to support local taxi drivers, however hotel does offer a taxi company that they outsource for $20 each way which also includes 2 hours to spend in town. This is based on what we paid on Sandals Dunn's River property. However the town didn't have much to see so we only spent around 30 mins walking around which made it not worth it. 

TO    D O : 

***DO NOT go on any excursions on Wednesdays as we were told that that is when cruise ships come and every attraction in Jamaica will be extremely busy. 

Dunn's River Falls. It is one of the top excursions in Jamaica and I must say the waterfall is absolutely stunning and I wish we got to climb it but there was simply an overwhelming amount of people due to it being a Wednesday and we were only there for about 40 mins total. We did get to walk down to the beach where the waterfall ends which was pretty beautiful. There is also a stunning beach if you're looking to spend half of a day there I highly suggest bringing towels, sunscreen etc. If you plan on climbing the waterfall keep in mind you will need water shoes and you will need to leave your belongings in the lockers or on a shuttle bus. 

Rick's cafe. This is an absolute must go-to spot when in Jamaica. There is a cliff diving activity right next to it, expect it to be pretty busy unless you go early in the morning. Cafe will also be busy for sunset as tourists flood from all over the island to enjoy the views and the restaurant.

Martha Brae River. While I didn't get to go on this we know 4 people that did and they said it was a really fun experience going down the river on a raft. It also gets pretty crowded so going there as soon as it opens is highly recommended. 

Kingston town. You must absolutely spend a day walking around and exploring this unique, culture filled town! Plenty of shopping, local food etc. is awaiting! This time around we visited a very small town located by Sandals Dunn's River property but it didn't have much to see or do so I will not include it on here as Kingston should be a priority when exploring the island.

S T A Y:

As mentioned first time I went to Jamaica I went with my parents, with that being said we stayed at a family resort which had kids, activities for kids etc. This time around was completely different as Sandals Dunn's River property is adults only. 

Our fave things about Sandals Dunn's River:
  • All inclusive food/alcohol
  • Every day there is something fun going on for all the guests to attend or do such as silent disco/local dance lessons etc.
  • Variety of rooms: Swim-up villas, regular rooms as well as suites with in-room private pools
  • Butler is included based on a room you get. They'd help you get anything you need, whether it's a beach chair at 8 AM so you don't have to reserve it yourself, floating breakfast in the room or dinner reservations etc.
  • All the restaurants on the property are walk-in besides one that's French. Do keep in mind that every night one of the restaurants is closed so once you check in ask which restaurant is closed on which night of the week that way you get to try out all! My top favorite one was Mediterranean while my hubby's one Chinese. Restaurants do get pretty busy and if you prefer to have dinners early I highly suggest showing up as soon as they open at 6PM.
  • Any water activity you could think of is also available to do as early as 9 AM. Unlimited diving is also included with your stay which means if you'd like you can go twice a day every day during your stay! 
In my opinion 4-5 full days in Jamaica is more than enough to explore Kingston town, do a day or two of full day of activities around the island and spend some time at a hotel.

In collaboration with Sandals Dunn's River. 

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