Wrapping up Miami Swim Week.

Answering the most commonly asked question: Is it worth going to?
This was my second year going to Miami Swim Week and I have been bombarded with multiple questions about whether it's worth going to, how to get into the events, attend fashion shows etc. If you've been to New York Fashion Week - Miami Swim Week will be a piece of cake, it's pretty much a fun casual/beachy week filled with fun events and swimwear shows, nothing too hectic IF you can handle the heat and humidity! 

Here are some scrambled thoughts / answers to your questions & tips for those who have never been:
  • Where to stay & how to get there. There is always two ways of traveling - affordable and expensive. Flights to FLL airport are always cheaper and at times it's even half off than a flight to MIA. Yes, you'll have to take uber to get there but that's only $30 each way! 
  • Work vs. play. I'm a workaholic and absolutely love creating new content, exploring new places etc. but it's extremely important to know when to take a break and enjoy life. Last year I collaborated with a hotel and had to shoot content in between shows/events. While I loved running around the hotel doing IG stories and taking pictures I knew I could've been doing something else with my time. This year I decided to get an airbnb in the main area and CHILL. Let me tell you it was THE BEST decision I've made. It was extremely nice to know that when I go back to the place I can just hang out and do whatever I want as well as focus on editing content I created at the events. When picking a place to stay at make sure you stay in the prime area, pretty much anywhere by Gale Hotel/ Shelbourne / Shore Club etc. 
  • Make money & have fun. Reach out to brands you already have relationships with so that you have new products to shoot during Swim Week and make your money back on the trip/hotel etc. + create new, fun content! 
  • How to get into events. Relationships are everything. Reach out to PR agencies, showrooms, Brands you work with to see if they're throwing any events during Swim Week! I've always looked up to Sports Illustrated so last year I reached out to them to see if they were doing a show and little did I know I shortly had a response from their team and got to attend it. Remember that it is extremely important to put yourself out there and mark yourself on other Brands' radar.
  • Photographer is a must-have. I highly recommend going to Miami with a friend that that knows how to take a great photo! Whether you're into iPhone photos or professional it will be hard to find a photographer that is available last minute as there is a lot of events going on and everyone's schedule is hectic.  
  • Don't overbook yourself. As the invites come in we all get excited but it all comes down to narrowing it down and categorizing it all into groups 1) Brands you work with that you need to support 2) Brands you want to work with and want to build relationship with 3) Fun shows to attend! 
  • Fashion shows vs. events. During my first MSW I did a bit of both, events during the day followed by fashion shows at night. I soon learned that due to the seating and one show being right after another at different locations there was a lack of mingling around, networking etc. So when this year came around I decided to skip all the fashion shows and focus on supporting Brands I already work with for their events and build new ones instead of going to watch runway shows. Yes, don't get me wrong it's pretty cool to sit in the front rows and watch a fashion show but lemme tell you - they all sort of looked the same to me lol. I believe events are absolutely worth going to, whether it's a brunch/pool party or a showroom event you'll meet someone new and will network which is what this business is all about! So pick your battles. 
P.s. I usually go for 4/5 days and it's more than enough to go to main events, relax and create some content. 

I hope this post was helpful and gave you an idea of what Miami Swim Week is like. Now... it's time for NYFW which is just around the corner and I still cannot decide if I want to go through the madness of it again. 

Picture worthy places to go to in Miami: 
  • W Hotel. If you're into pink or just vibrant, fun colors for your Insta feed this place is a must! They have super cute umbrellas right on the beach and as far as I know they won't give you any trouble if you're just snapping photos and not disturbing guests.
  • Malibu Farm. Super yummy food and a cute spot to take some cute pictures at. They also have one in Malibu in case you're visiting California anytime soon.
  • Delano Hotel. Their pool has a super cute set up (google it!), they have these really cool chairs and a table placed in the pool that is literally a picture perfect spot. As long as you tell the hostess/security by the pool you're just snapping a few photos you'll be good. 
  • Pura Vida. If you're into acai bowls and a good/healthy wrap this place is THE BEST. I literally order postmates every time I'm in Miami after a long day or stop by if I happen to be in the area as they only have a few locations.
  • Faena Hotel. Quite a short trip from 
  • The Basemant. If you're looking for a fun night out this place offers it all - indoor disco ice skating range, bowling and a tiny club. 
  • 1 Hotel. My all time favorite hotel that's always overpriced so I just crash their pool for some pictures lol. They not only have the best view but all the decor inside is on point! It is open for non guests after 7pm if you want to watch sunset and get a drink/food. 

Photography by Claire Huntsberger.

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