Coachella Weekend 1: road trip + fashion recap.

48hr road trip to the desert.

This year's Coachella was pretty much impossible to avoid due to Beyonce's performance. Every one of us was a part of it, whether you ended up going yourself or browsed online to see her performance. While I do love music, dancing and just hanging out with friends we skipped the festival itself this year and only went to the events. A part of me wanted to go check out the festival but knowing that she was performing I simply couldn't handle a huge crowd of people from all around the world gathered there, just the thought of bathroom lines, bar lines for water etc. kept me away from booking a ticket!
While I didn't get to experience the festival itself I still wanted to do a quick round-up of all the looks I wore during the 48 hours there. I've also moved some of the IG stories into "highlights" under the "desert" on my Instagram profile in case anyone wants to see some random snaps taken during our time there! 
Dress by Miss Sixty. Shop on HERE

My favorite part about going somewhere somewhat close to LA is having the ability to just pull over on the side of the road and shoot something fun! What's a road trip without pit stops, right? Every time we've gone to Palm Springs we have always passed this "Jurassic park" looking area that had gigantic dinosaurs, so stopping now was a no brainer and I am so glad we did as it wasn't as crowded as I thought it would. 

Necessary road trip pit stops [LA -> PS]: 
  • In & Out. This one is a no brainer, a picture with a burger (especially during Coachella) is necessary! 
  • Cabazon Dinosaurs. While the website online says you have to pay for the entrance you can still just park in the lot and shoot by the two gigantic dinosaurs and there is no fee to do so! 
  • Wind Mills. If you don't take a picture there, did you even go to Coachella? haha I am sure everyone's IG feed has been and will be flooded with photos by the wind mills during this entire month due to two weekends of Coachella + Stage Coach. 
  • Moorten Botanical Garden. I love supporting local businesses and this garden is beyond beautiful to take photos at! Entrance is $5 (they also take credit cards). While desert has plenty of cacti to explore and take pictures by this is a must-stop for sure! 
Dress by Miss Sixty. Shop on HERE

The socks I wore in the photo above were a random find on Amazon, while they do look super cute and fun for festival they were quite uncomfortable and kept sliding around. If ya'll know a Brand or someone who sells comfortable ones I'd love to know as I absolutely love the look of them!

I will link all the items worn in the post below as well as some other fun options in case you're headed to a festival and need some fun ideas for your outfits! 


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