Items you need regardless of the season.

Items you should never purge out of your closet. I learned this lesson myself the hard way.
I've been MIA on the blog for some time now and there is a very good reason for that. Now only I am trying to limit my time on social media but I am also trying to share only what I think is worth sharing! I mean... quality over quanity, am I wrong? 
I am sure you've all heard how crazy the weather in LA has been, it's anywhere from low 60s to 100s and EVERYONE is confused with what to wear. I myself have already dropped off all my summer pieces at my parents' house. This "seasonal confusion" has led me to this post where I wanted to share these two outfits by River Island. When packing everything up a few weeks ago before heading over to my parents I left a few summer/fall like clothing pieces that I figured might come in handy in case it warmed up. A few days later - a heat wave hit and these looks came in more handy than I thought they would!

Two items you must always have in your closet, no matter what season it is: 
  • Unique crop top. & I am not talking about a beach type of a crop top. Think of the nicest trouser pants you currently have in your closet and pick a crop top that would go with them! Most likely it will be one with unique detail on it that can be easily transitioned from day to night. One of my favorite ones is listed in this post as it literally goes with (almost) everything in my closet, whether it's a high waist skirt or wide leg pants. 
  • A classic jumpsuit. No matter what the weather is like outside you can almost always wear a jumpsuit. Not only it's an effortless look but it also is a great statement piece that can be easily accessorized or styled with a jacket if the weather cools down. 

Whether the weather takes a dramatic turn or not by having the pieces listed below you'll be fine no matter where you're headed to. I promise. 

Thank you River Island for partnering with me on this post.


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