Beauty Haul: fall favorites

Items I can't live without.
Being a blogger sure has it's perks, one of them being receiving many goodies due to PR agencies having your address on file which then leads to trying out new products on weekly bases. I receive soo many beauty products that I often get overwhelmed with, which you'd think would be a great thing? But I am over here testing these products on daily bases seeing if they actually work and if they make a difference on my skin. 
I've decided to start series on here that will be called "beauty haul", I will be updating it on monthly bases listing the products I truly love and could vouch for. Remember, because it works on my skin it may not necessarily mean it will on yours - at the end of the day everyone's skin is different. Some Brands you'll know some you may not but this is what these posts will be all about, new products by Brands we know and some that we've never heard of!
***These reviews will be in no way sponsored, this is a girl-to-girl helping out so that you ladies don't have to waist your money trying out new products to see what works and what doesn't!

For your skin. 

Finding a foundation that is light, covers those imperfections and looks good in photos is probably one of the hardest things everrrr! I've always struggled with finding the right shade due to traveling and constantly having a different tan that fades overtime. Most of the foundations I've used in the past  either had a heavy look or caused my fave either turn red or have some other side effect... so here are the two of my faves that are my go-to. 
Makeup Forever. Absolutely love the coverage it gives but unfortunately it still has a heavier look on the skin, so I've gone a shade darker and I use it for a nighttime. 
JuleP Cushion Complexion. My everyday go-to for a natural, light coverage. When applied it barely looks like you have makeup on but yet hides all the imperfections! Have it in 8-10 different shades as I do contouring and highlighting with it as well. p.s. I've also done a video on my daily makeup routine on HERE

*In the photo above I've also included a "facial milk" and "night creme" I"ve been using on daily bases for the past month -- will share an update depending on how it works on my skin soon too!

For your lips. 

I'm all about a good natural, neutral lip. There is just something inside of me that's truly afraid of bright/bold colors on the face - whether it's a lipstick or an eyeshadow I am not going to experiment with it lol. I not only hate the look of it but I hate how darker lipsticks could easily stain your clothes or a glass you're drinking a water of. So, that leaves me with what? NUDE. There is sooo many amazing shades of neutral lipsticks I've recently discovered I couldn't wait to share. 
Maybelline. I've always been and still own a few lipsticks by Mac called "myth" however they dry the sh&* out of my lips which gives it a chopped look which let's admit it isn't cute at all. I've been using these nudes (pictured above) and they're just truly the best. The reason why I have so many is also due to my skin tones, if I am tan I tend to use a little darker nude, while on the more pale side I go with a lighter tone. Needless to say all their colors in the nude palette are amazing & did I mention they're matte? Yas, girls give it a try if you're a fan of a good neutral lip. 

For your eyes. 

Because I refuse to have any sort of color in the makeup drawer - a neutral palette for eyeshadow is also my fave. This specific one by Pur has more shades for fall than I need lol but I am all about it! It's light, doesn't make a mess and stays on for a long time, most of the time I apply it with my finger. 

For the natural glow. 

If you got this far on this blog post you're most likely wondering how I highlight the features on the face if all I do is use nude/neutral tones on my skin - well, we're going to get into this right now! 
Pur. A Brand (same as the eyeshadow palette above) I never heard of that one day showed up at my doorstep, months later we're still inseparable! "Selfie bronzer" and "eye polish" are my two favorite items besides the eyeshadow palette of course. The easiest way to apply them is by tapping a bit on your finger and highlighting the cheeks and eye lids to give it a natural, refreshed glow. 


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