NYFW Street Style.

From day to night, these looks are great for NYFW and beyond. 
Another year, another amazing fashion week filled with nothing but craziness in the city that (literally) never sleeps. I remember when I said a few times how bad I wanted to live in New York but I think after this time of visiting and being there for a full week I've gotten enough of it and the little feeling of wanting to move is now gone. I love the rush everyone is in and the life of a busy city but it's just a bit too cray for me haha. 
Because we got married just two weeks before I left for NYFW I wasn't focused on events and shows which unfortunately did mess up my plans quite a bit and I was not as busy running around as I thought I was - I actually got to enjoy and see the city. I went to see Nicole Miller show and popped up at a few events like my friends at Lulus, RewardStyle and another event LikeToKnowIt. The goal of the trip was to meet the Brands and companies I work with and never get to see in person. As much as we love getting everything done digitally, I believe it's extremely important to meet those people in person and chat. If you got to follow me via my Insta stories you got a little taste of NYFW craziness - I mean the life in that city does not stop, there is always something happening somewhere. 
I was extremely happy when I ran into this amazing street photographer Han Zou (her website is HERE) who was kind enough to snap a few looks of me I wore during the week. 

Highlights of the NYFW 2017

  • Moment. When my friend Monika was rushing out of the event to get into the uber with me to go to the next one and literally ran out to the car with her drink in the hand - we finished the spritz on the way to the next event of course. 
  • Event. Lulus! It's one of my fave Brands and I just love the vibe and the people who go to their events, I also love catching up with their team. 
  • Meal. Quesadilla at Bodega Negra restaurant inside the Dream Hotel --- soooo good! Their spicy margaritas are also amaze. 
New spots I've checked out that I suggest stopping by to get a drink or a snack at: Bodega Negra, While We Were Young and Cafe Henrie. 


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