How to transition to fall.

An easy way to transition from summer to fall. 
Cleaning out the closet and putting away clothes can be easy but starting out for a new season is always challenging. I have noticed it myself that I tend to restock my closet with some clothes I've worn in previous summers but when it comes to fall and winter fashion never seems to be the same and that's when I add most of new pieces. Today, I thought I'll share my way of transitioning to fall that I find easy when it comes to a new season. Best part about it is that all items are budget friendly and are extremely easy to put together. Thanks to River Island for making this transition easy and fun! I've linked all the pieces at the bottom of the post so you ladies can shop some of my fall faves right away.
How to transition to fall:

  • Right footwear. First pair of shoes to add into your wardrobe for fall should be a good, comfortable pair of suede boots. I love the over the knee look as it elevates the outfit and is easy to pair with dresses, oversized shirts or even leggings. 
  • Denim. We wear sooo much denim in the summer that it just seems like the most comfortable and natural piece to add when styling your outfit for a new season. My go-to is an oversized look - whether it's a shirt or a lose dress is entirely up to you and comfortable in. I've linked a few different options of denim at the bottom of the post. 
  • Accessories. While summer is all about layering jewels etc. I find it more fashionable and "clean" to put away all the jewelry for the fall and stock up on some fashionable bags that will make the statement. 

Thank you River Island for partnering with me on this post. 


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