How to style high waist denim.

Easy street style look you'll want to wear every day.
A few weeks back I talked about must-have denim pieces in your wardrobe and I wish I have gotten this pair before publishing that post as I strongly believe this embroidered pair of denim should've been in it! 
This pretty pair is my firs tone in high waist as my wardrobe mainly consists low waist looks. I have tried many high waist jeans before and there is a good reason why - it simply makes me feel shorter than I already am. Those of you that don't know my height I am just a bit over 5'5 I think [I like to say 5'6 on the driver's license]. Well I finally gave in and just went for this pretty pair after I realized high waist was the only option! I spent quite sometime on styling such a simple look as I was still trying to figure out how to not make myself look short with these jeans and today I am sharing the easy ways on how not to!
High waist denim styling tips: 
  • Wear a simple top & make a knot in the front [crop top works too]. It will show a bit of your tummy and create a vision of you looking taller vs. a lazier/covered up head to toe look as I realized that is when I looked shorter - with a shirt tucked in. 
  • Always wear heels. Yep, sadly there is no way around it. High waist jeans naturally make our legs look long and torso really short so you gotta keep extending those legs by adding heels! 
  • Roll up the bottoms. By doing that you will create a fun detail on the bottom and a more relaxed look as heels give it more of an elevated feel. 
Hope these tips were helpful & if you have been struggling wearing a pair of high waist jeans you know will give it a try! 


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