Bridal diary: What to wear to a bridal shower

Whether you're a bride or a guest at a bridal shower you can't go wrong with this outfit.
With summer being in full force we're all naturally switching to light color outfits, maxi skirts and flowy dresses. However, with summer also comes the wedding season, bridal showers and baby showers. So what is the nowaday wedding related festivities etiquette when it comes to picking an outfit? Is it OK to have a bit of white in your outfit or is it still disrespectful to the bride? I guess it all depends on the bride herself and you. 
Me being a number one fan of a good all white outfit it is extremely difficult to not wear a white top or a white flowy maxi skirt, I believe you should wear whatever it is you feel good in, however don't get me wrong there is limits for everything. If you're heading to a bridal shower, here is some helpful tips. 
What to wear to a bridal shower without disrespecting the bride: 
  • Touch of white. It's ok to wear a tiny bit of white as long as it is not a majority of your outfit, crop top is OK as long as it is simple and doesn't look like a top of a wedding dress[no embroidered details, lace or rhinestones]. Crop top is a great way to have just a right amount of white. 
  • Pop of color. Ask the bride what are her main colors for the wedding and get a maxi skirt to go with your cute crop top! It will not only distract from the white but it will also show that you are there for her and you're involved in her wedding planning process + cute pictures that include all the fave colors of the bride.  
  • Oversized bag vs. clutch. Honestly I find it that the easiest way ever to make the outfit more casual is by adding an oversized cute bag! [Let's be real, clutches are just too formal and chic]. This one from Madison West is perrrrrfect - I literally take it everywhere with me, I am sure you ladies have seen it all over my Insta stories too. It's a bag you could take everywhere with you. Best part about it is that it comes in multiple colors. You can shop my fave bags by Madison West [all under $60 on HERE.] 

Thank you Madison West for partnering with me on this post. 


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