Wedding diary: Thoughts on a bridal shower

Let's just say I am not the typical bride.
To be honest lots has changed over the past few years. When I was little [younger lol] I always dreamt of a VERY big wedding filled with hundreds of guests, bridal shower and multiple bachelorette parties. What was I thinking? Was it me watching TV and thinking that's how it's supposed to go, traditional way or was it a part of how I have been raised - I am still not sure. But when I got engaged I set my own ways and I am very glad to have a partner who thinks just like me and & is [almost] always on the same page as me! If you and your fiancé don't agree on the same thing when it comes to wedding planning it's ok, it's a process and you will learn a lot about each other & there is nothing wrong if you want to do it yours and his way vs. everyone's  typical way. So here is my way of doing things...
If you have been keeping up with my bridal posts you know nothing in this process has been typical - destination wedding, no "save the dates",  no wedding party, wedding dress shopping by myself & no one involved in the process but me, Adam and the wedding planner - not even my mom. I am very independent and I want everything done a certain way which is why I have decided to not stress anyone else, at the end of the day people have their own lives & the last thing I need to do is give chores for people to do haha. However, when it comes to a bridal shower I think of it as a girls get together having a fun time celebrating last weeks of being engaged. If you're not a typical bride as well and don't want to make a big deal out of it, there is nothing wrong with creating a little Pinterest board, fill it with cute ideas for bridal brunch & make those pins come true! It's not only budget friendly but also fun times with your closest friends. If you ask me, it's a perfect bridal shower. Need some ideas? Here is a few: floral ice cubes, lots of rosé, photo booth props & a decor to match your wedding colors. Marshall's & Etsy have been my go-to all along for anything bridal, unique & all at a good price point so make sure to check it out in case you are looking for those cute, final details for your party. 

Spritzer hour with my fiancé to go over some wedding details :p 


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