Cuba Diary. Part 2.

Three things I fell in love with in Cuba.
Cuba is a beautiful city and if you red my other posts on it you saw cities filled with natural beauty, unique cars and lots of history. I am listing a few of my fave things about Cuba I already miss! 

People. I have visited many different countries all over the world and I could honestly say I have never met sooo many nice, genuine people. Even if someone couldn't speak back in english they found a friend or a stranger on a street to help us out! Walking down the streets we asked locals on what else is there to see or any suggestions they had and everyone recommended great things to visit. One of the ladies we ran into a street gave us a mini tour of a local area of Havana and showed us all historic places and told us all about it, yes - like a private tour by a local! If you have upcoming travel plans to Cuba and don't speak Spanish don't worry locals will be there to help you out!

Cars. Ever since I heard that we could finally go to Cuba I could not waiiiiiit to see the old school cars, least to say it was everything that I expected & more! Going from LA to there was an extreme shock as we barely have any colored cars, maybe a red or blue one on the street passing by once in a while but when I got to Cuba I was overwhelmed from the excitement on seeing that many different color cars! Not gonna lie I might have even considered getting a pink car after coming back haha. 

Lifestyle. As much as I love LA and the people we always tend to complain about something not going well, the weather being bad etc. well not in Cuba - everyone seems to be happy there. Almost every person has a smile on their face, whether it's a girl on the way to school, a man painting a wall hanging off the building [not allowed in US lol, people here would not be happy doing it] or someone just chilling on the side of the street. It was extremely refreshing to see so many happy people and it has given me a different look on life & boosted my own mood. 


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