Pink Moment.

If you told me I will love pink one day I would have laughed -- fast forward to now and third of my wardrobe consists of clothing in pink tone items. It's just such a fun color to wear in the spring that lets you ease into summer!
When it comes to buying pink clothes, there is a thin line between barbie pink and a more mature pink, not to mention each shade of pink may look different with different skin tones so finding the right color can get difficult. My go to is a coral pink and washed off pink (like this dress).
This off shoulder, cut out dress was a must have for this season and I am sure I will get plenty of use out of it. It's definitely not your typical pink dress and that's what I love about it. I paired it up with the bag I just got from Lulus that's super cute and has tassels hanging off the side to give it a little extra touch to your look. 

Unfortunately I have been lacking on my posts this week and the dress has sold out! I am linking a few other items that are fun and very similar to this one by the same brand below. Sorry ladies, I will try to do my best and get back on track soon!


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