Accessories To Try This Spring.

These pretty little things are outfit-makers! Forget what the outfit looks like, it's all about how you accessorize it and elevate the look.
It can be the most simple pair of denim and top you are wearing but if you add statement accessories to it, you can easily change up the entire look. Instead of investing into new outfits, it's time to change things up this season and focus on accessorizing!

My fave outfit details: 

Cute shoes. My go-to have been these star sneakers (all day, every day!) A few weeks back I was strolling down in Downtown LA and came across these sneakers, unfortunately it was a random find and they are not branded by any big brand so finding them online to link them was not easy - however I am adding a few great alternatives for you ladies below. I am already on a look out to get another pair as these were on a cheaper side and I could tell they won't last too long for how much I am wearing them. 

Arm candy. I am personally not too much of a jewelry kinda gal so I keep it minimal by just wearing a watch and a few bracelets to create a stacked up look. One of my goals for this year was to accessorize more and try out new things like necklases and different styles or bracelets, so far it's not progressing haha but maybe when summer comes around I will try again. 

Statement bag. Oh how easy it is run into the closet and grab the every-day bag we always use and those new bags keep getting pushed back further and further into the back of the closet - anyone can relate? I have been trying to rock a new bag every time I leave home to go do something fun, whether it's a girls time or a date night I always try to change it up with a new bag. Lately I have been into stars & stripes / pom pom bags. Pretty much anything that has a fun detail to add onto your look will do the work! 


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