Big Bear.

I finally got some free time to put together a post on this long time coming post on a road trip to Big Bear, CA we went on a few weeks ago ! There is nothing better and let me tell you least stressful than having great getaways driving distance from home. You have Palm Springs on one side and Big Bear on the other, and of course let's not forget Arizona and Vegas. 

Here is some tips for Big Bear...

  • CABIN LIFE. Do the Big Bear the right way & rent out a cabin with friends. Spending money on a hotel is such a beautiful place is not worth it. Almost every house comes with a fireplace, jacuzzi and pool table. 
  • FOOD. Stock up the fridge. It might sound like a silly tip for a trip, but no matter what restaurant you will try to go to, it will have a line of at least 30 people and an hour to two hour wait ! With Big Bear being such a small town , options are very limited with that being said everyone will be getting breakfast in the morning. We made this mistake this time and wasted an entire morning searching for a spot to eat breakfast at..
  • OVERPACK. Weather is absolutely unpredictable out there. A week before we went according to the weather channel it was supposed to snow, the closer we got to the date the warmer it showed it was going to be. Of course, the entire weekend we were there it was 70 degrees and it sure felt like summer ! I was stuck with sweaters and pants. Anything extra that comes to your mind, you should probably throw in the bag, because CVS and all the other convenience stores close around 11pm. 
  • NIGHT IN. Yes, night in - not night out hehe ! If you plan on going out to a bar and getting a drink or a few, you might as well stay in and just hang with your friends. There is only one uber out there ! Yes.. one , as crazy as it sounds it is true. Cabs are nowhere to be found, so it is safe to stay that staying in is the best idea and option.

-xo, Sky Naite 

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