Homeland. Lithuania

Airport in Russia is definitely being very creative with their coffee!!
Those of you following my journey via Instagram have probably noticed my lack of posts within the past two weeks and that I had to make a last minute trip to my homeland - Lithuania. Unfortunately it was not under the best circumstances, but we did make the best of it !

I am originally from a small town Alytus, which is 6th biggest city in Lithuania. During our trip we visited my town, my dad's and the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius. The entire country is full of historic buildings and many cute spots to visit. If you are ever making a trip to Europe, it is definitely worth stopping by and checking it out for a day or two - during the warm season of course !
I bet some of you have never even heard of Lithuania, it is a beautiful and historic country with just a a population of bellow 3 million. Since it was sooo last minute, I did not even grab my professional camera as I was not sure I will even have time to take any photos while there. However, we were able to explore a little since it was my finance's first time there seeing where I have come from ! Here is a few photos taken during our 20 hour trip there and back ! Total of 40 hours of traveling within a week... Last time we went on a long trip was to Seychelles, which was close to 20 hours travel time one way and we both said that was the last time we took such a long trip, however that did not last long ! 

Naurutis Hotel, Vilnius.

Unfortunately with our flight leaving at 5 in the morning, we had to stay in Lithuania's capital which after all turned out to be a great thing as we got to explore the entire city ! This hotel was extremely cute, low historic ceilings and cute wallpaper all over the room. Home inspo? I think so. My fiance was not so into this, but I give it couple years and I will convince him hehe. Hotel itself is located in the center of the city, which makes it easy to see all the museums, architectural buildings and nightlife all in one place. 

-xo, Sky Naite

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