Seychelles. Diary 3.

Create a life you do not need a vacation from. 
Sadly it is time to share a long time coming Seychelles part 3. I saved my favorite photos from the trip to share on this last post. However, it sure is not the last post on Instagram hehe I will be doing many throwbacks on there as I am missing this paradise every day. 

As promised earlier this month I wanted to dedicate an entire post on Four Seasons of Seychelles. If this  island has not been added to your bucket list or you have not heard of it before my posts, you must definitely add it now && start planning ! It sure is on the other side of the world and does take quite some time to get there but the turquoise waters, beautiful palm trees and rocky island make it all worth it. When we first got to the hotel I was quite bit confused as it felt like we drove through a forest and pulled up to a tiny house on top of the mountain with a sign for a concierge for our check in. The entire time i was looking around to see where the actual hotel was, soon to find out each guest has their own bungalow with an infinity pool and all around window walls overlooking the beautiful ocean. Waking up and looking out to the ocean never felt more peaceful and perfect. As I have mentioned we have been to Maldives and many other amazing places of the world, but this beats them all. I really hope I have captured the beauty of Seychelles well and all of you are enjoying these posts ! Make sure to follow me on Instagram @skynaite , where I will be sharing more photos of the trip that have not been shared on here.

Slightly obsessed with my ring & taking coffee photos.
View from our bungalow at Four Seasons, Seychelles.
Coco life. 
Always capturing random moments of my handsome..
Paddle away.
Yummy treats. I will definitely be making these during the summer at home. Sliced watermelon && melon ! What a great replacement for ice cream. 
Concrete walls.
Ocean side. Hotel offers many activities on site, such as paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling & diving. You will never be bored ! Not to mention their amazing spa with the best sunset view. 
Last night in Seychelles. Could you say bathroom goals ?? I think so. 
-xo, Sky Naite

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