Miami. Art Basel

Soho House.
I almost feel like I have been living out of my carry on luggage these past two months. Cannot complain about that at all, however keeping up with all the posts has made it quite complicated ! Sorry if i have been lacking and delaying some of these posts, but when it comes to travel posts it always take a bit of time to finish them up !

A R T . B A S E L

One week out of a year when those who make && those who love ART come out to Miami for a week of festivities. This week is all about art shows, street art, pop up events and many great take overs by brands worldwide. 


Wynwood Art District is an area in Downtown Miami that turns into a painted city during the Art Basel week ! Every corner…and i literally mean every corner, every spot on each building is painted by amazing artists. If you are having a hard time understanding art pieces, such as paintings, sculptures etc. but love street art i highly suggest visiting Wynwood !

Convention Center is a must, plan ahead of time as it will take about 2-3 hours to get the entire area covered and see every single piece of great art displayed ! 

Soho House. 
Soho House.
Art Basel style.
Art Piece at Convention Center.
Convention Center.
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