Engagement story.


Beginning of it all…

A few years ago we met through a mutual friend, the minute he walked in through the door it was love at first sight. I never believed or knew what people actually meant when they said "When you know, you know", but at that moment I knew. The minute I saw him, before we even exchanged a "hello" i texted my mom saying I just met my future husband.
We spent that evening getting to know each other, following day we went on a 10 mile hike ! Yess… we literally spent 10 hours together hiking. Could you possibly say the worst idea for the first date? Yes, it could be - if it is with a wrong person. However, deep in my heart i knew he was the one and the feeling was mutual.

I said YES…

A few months back, my boyfriend at the time - now fiancĂ© (oh it just seems so nice and right saying it) told me he has planned a getaway but I will know nothing until we are actually there. Over that period of time I kept trying to get details out of him as i needed to know what to pack etc., however he did not give in and said nothing, not even to my family who were very curious to know where we will be going. Usually when planning vacation we both plan it together and this time was very different. All along I thought this was our anniversary getaway since we were approaching almost 3 years together. Packing for the trip was definitely very tough, I had him sit down in front of the closet as I was taking clothes out and showing, asking whether I should take it or not. Going away for 9 days and not knowing the weather of the place you will be going makes packing very difficult. Anyhow, I only packed a tiny carry on as I was so confused with what to take.. We got to the airport early morning , he right away said you will know the first place we will be going to by seeing the first flight's ticket, here it was Abu Dhabi ! You can only imagine my reaction…Here I am thinking of a romantic getaway..but we are going to Emirates ?! I could've not been more confused, I did try to keep it all together and go with the flow as now I have realized it was just another vacation and not a romantic getaway. We stayed in Abu Dhabi for 2 days, which I will be sharing photos of soon on the blog ! On the third day we went back to the airport…this time the ticket said Seychelles and oh my was I excited ! Last year we went to Maldives and I absolutely loved it, so I was overly excited for a similar tropical vacation. Layover was just a little over 4 hours and i could not keep the excitement together. Finally, my dream was coming true - beach, white sand , tropical island. We hang around the island the first day, second day he has planned a boat trip to La Digue island where the most beautiful beach of the world is located at. He kept it together all morning without giving away any nerves or excitement, he acted like nothing was happening and we were just going there to take pictures. As soon as we approached the beach he said to me that there is this idea of a picture he wants to do and I have to do what he says. So, he asked this random couple standing by us to take a picture doing some pose he is talking about but  not telling me what it is  (another confusing moment for me haha). So here I am making my way through the sand to him trying to figure out how to pose and that moment he got down on his knee and proposed ! Honestly, everything about that moment was perfect, white sand beach, beautiful turquoise waters and the man of my dreams. I will be sharing quite a few posts from Seychelles in December, make sure to check back,xo

Location: La Digue, Anse Source d'argent

Date: 11.25.2015

I could honestly say i have met my soul mate && best friend. 
…where i said YES
…walk to the beach had mesmerizing views all around 
…happily ever after
…soaking up the moments that will change my life forever 

Four Seasons was extremely welcoming and had a very cute surprise upon our check-in. It really did't hit me probably until then that we are actually engaged ! Even right now it still feels like a dream that i do not want to wake up from. As i have mentioned, i will be doing full posts on the islands && hotels later on. 

-xo, Sky Naite 

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