Abu Dhabi. Day 1

Hello everyone ! We are approaching 2016 so quickly, it definitely makes me think back about how amazing this year has been. So many great things have happened in my life, I could only imagine next year will be better or just as good. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw posts (@skynaite) from a pit stop I made in Abu Dhabi before heading to Seychelles. Even though we were only there for 2 days we visited many great places that I would like to share with all of you.

Sketch Zayed Mosque

  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Make sure to bring a scarf to wear over your head as well as wear pants and long sleeve shirts. You also have an option of borrowing one of their cover-ups, which I ended up doing to get a little taste of their culture. 
  • Emirates Palace. The name of this hotel definitely explains it all. We snuck in to check it out as it is rated as a 7 star hotel in Abu Dhabi I was very curious to see what it was all about. Everything and i mean everyyyyytthhiinng from bottom to the top inside was bedazzled in gold color. I definitely felt overwhelmed exploring the Palace, it is a great piece of architecture to check out if you are visiting Abu Dhabi or driving by.
  • Falcon Hospital. It might look like a silly idea to visit a hospital full of birds, but they represent Emirates and their culture, I highly recommend scheduling an appointment and checking it out. You will not only learn a lot about them but will also get to hold one ! 

Skeikh Zayed Mosque
Skeikh Zayed Mosque
Skeikh Zayed Mosque
  • Rosewood Hotel. I absolutely loved the hotel, not only the room was large but they have an amazing pool that turns into a lounge in the night time. If we were in Abu Dhabi for longer than two days i would have loved to stay all day in the hotel and just roam around their grounds. 
Rosewood Hotel
Pit stop for lunch. 
-xo, Sky Naite 

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  1. Very nice .. i wonder if abu dhabi is better than dubai or are they both good?