Wedding Diary. The White Dress.

Unfortunately I did not say yes to the dress at this salon either.. Wedding Diary for the search of a perfect dress will continue ! 

The White Dress is a bridal salon located just a little over an hour away from Los Angeles, in Corona Del Mar area. After searching for bridal salons that carry very detailed dresses and lots of lace detail that are budget friendly I have come across by this hidden gem via Yelp.
Reviews by all the brides to be were just great and I just had to check it out and I am sooo glad I did ! The staff and selection of the wedding dresses was everything I have been looking for and more. If you are looking for an affordable, beautiful dress you will not be disappointed !
Quite some time has gone by and I could honestly say I might have found MY dress.. I had quite a few tears come out when I tried on one out of many dresses. However, knowing that my wedding is not until summer of 2017 I have decided to let a few more months go by and have decided to come back then to see if  I am still in love with it just as I was the first time I tried it on ! Everyone always said when you know-you know, and believe it or not ladies that is the truth..When you try on the dresses, eventually you will come across one that will just feel right and will make your heart skip a beat.. and in that moment you will know that this is the one.

  • Be true to yourself and everyone at the bridal salon. If your budget is $5,000 - stick with it and make it clear to the assistant that is helping you. Sometimes it might not seem much when the dress is just a thousand or two over your budget, but do not forget how many more accessories you will need to get to go with the dress such as shoes, jewels etc.
  • Simplicity. Sometimes classic, simple dresses are more beautiful than the ones that have lace and jewel details added onto it. Adding a lace vail can change the entire look ! 
  • What a dress budget should include: wedding dress, veil and shoes. Having a number in mind that includes everything is better than realizing down the road how expensive everything is turning out to be ! 
  • Do your make up every time you go to the salon as close as you can to the way you would want it to look the day of. It will give you a better idea of your wedding day look.
  • Tan. If you are having a destination wedding like me, being tan is a very important part of the wedding dress search process. 
I wanted to share a few beautiful designs I came across at The White Dress. Since my previous post was on backless, scrappy dresses I wanted to try a completely opposite this time - long sleeve, lace, classic look.

-xo, Sky Naite


  1. Their staff was amazing, lovely and truly professional. I could go on and on about these guys. All of the wait staff at this place were great at their jobs but very warm and nice people. There are no better wedding venues Los Angeles to get married and no better guide than their manager.

    1. Agreed ! Thank you for reading && sharing your feedback.xo Truly thankful to live in Los Angeles, best of all worlds.

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    1. Hi! :) We actually have decided to keep it simple & intimate and are no longer having a videographer only a photographer capturing these special moments. xx

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