Yesss as we are approaching Halloween and now are finally in October Mali-boo just seemed like an appropriate caption for this post. As you have probably noticed i am all about exploring new beaches && laying out.
Living only 10 minutes away from Santa Monica seems like a dream come true, but i am constantly looking for new beautiful beaches to spend a day at. One of my top favorites besides Laguna Beach is no doubt El Matador. It is somewhat private, hidden gem of Malibu which might seem like quite a drive, but it is worth it all. As you approach the beach you have to walk down the cliff, which gives you breath taking views of Malibu and peaceful ocean. Once you get to the beach there is many rocks that are almost as tall as the cliffs that have caves that have been caved out by the ocean. Being at El Matador really makes you appreciate mother nature.

If the beach was not as crowded as it was, i would have definitely taken more photos. But…everything happens for a reason ! These photos provide you just enough beauty for you to go and explore it yourself without me giving everything away.

On the way back we stopped by Gladstone's for quick brunch. Oh myy their sea food plate is absolutely delicious ! It is located right on the beach, which is a great spot to watch the sunset from. They also have plenty of seating for dining and hanging out by providing many different seating areas. I highly recommend checking it out!

This handsome face is everything.
His & Hers.

-xo, Sky Naite