Red Rock City.

This previous weekend i not only got to see the beautiful Red Rock City aka Sedona, AZ but i got to attend one of the most beautiful weddings of my friend. We left early on Saturday morning and left Sunday noon…yes not even 48 hours in that paradise !
L'auberge was the hotel where the ceremony took place, the views all around consisted of beautiful red rock mountains and greenery. If some of you ladies are looking into venues and are considering Arizona as a wedding destination, i highly recommend checking that hotel out. Needless to say Sedona will leave you speechless, these photos i snapped during our trip will speak for themselves.  

Sedona, Arizona 

Best travel partner i could have ever asked for.

Arizona news. 10.10.15

My kind of travel clothes. Sneakers x oversized sweaters.

Pit stop from Phoenix to Sedona (2 hour shuttle/car ride)


desert vibes.
&& a few photos from the wedding itself

  -xo, Sky Naite

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