French Polynesia: Island hopping.


Island hopping in French Polynesia. 
As mentioned in my previous blog post, linked on HERE I mentioned our entire trip itinerary, Le Taha'a resort (pictured throughout this blog post) was our second stop once we got to French Polynesia. The only similarities from Le Bora Bora were the beautiful water the resort is surrounded by and a few guests we recognized that have also come from the other resort to this one. Besides that the everything from the overwater bungalows, restaurants to the island itself was completely different and provided us a different experience which I'll get into shortly to give you a better idea on what to expect if you plan on going to this property as well!

G E T T I N G   T H E R E: 
The easiest way to island hop from one hotel to the other is by mapping out the easiest way to get from one airport to the other. From Le Bora Bora hotel we had to take a 30 min boat back to the Bora Bora island, from there a short flight to Raiatea and and another 35 minute boat  ride to Le Taha'a resort. 
P.s. I highly suggest staying on Bora Bora island for at least a night to explore that area as well if the time allows you to do so before heading to a different resort! Also, don't forget to let the hotel know your flight information so that they can arrange a complimentary boat pick up and drop off for you. 

I've decided to compare the two resorts by Pearls to hopefully help you decide which one may be a better fit for you! These comparisons were discussed between me and a hubby as we both had different opinions about each hotel so I had to sum it up and list it to my best ability.

S I M I L A R I T I E S:
Ocean is just as deep in both resorts so you can easily walk from your bungalow all the way to the main island and back without even getting your swimsuit top wet. Both properties do have a mini bar filled up daily at no charge, both offered restaurants with a live show, offer tennis, gym, spa etc. 

Even though we were able to come up with quite a few differences for both properties if you're planning your getaway to French Polynesia I highly suggest you split up your trip and visit both islands. If I could do it all over again I would do 1 night in the main Tahiti island after landing as you cannot avoid this airport and get to your destination without stopping here, 2 nights in Le Bora Bora, 1 night on the main Bora Bora island and 2 nights at Le Taha'a.  For some people that may seem like a short trip but because all the islands are so close to one another I think it's great to see as much as possible when traveling to places like these and experience as much as you can without spending a fortune. 

In collaboration with Le Taha'a resort by Pearls. 

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