Oahu, Hawaii: Do's & Dont's.


Have a trip coming up to Oahu, Hawaii? You might want to read up on do's & don'ts based on our experience.
While my hubby absolutely loves Hawaii, I have a love/hate relationship with it. I am a believer that if you're spending this type of vacation money weather better be worth it and you should feel like you're getting your money worth no matter what you spend it on. This was our first time back here since Covid started and prices have absolutely sky rocketed, everything from grocery shopping to car rentals (even though we were a bit surprised to see gas prices being $3 less than in California). Since this was probably my 5th time here and hubby's over 40th time (no joke) this time here hit different. 

S T A Y. 

DO stay at an Airbnb. We stayed at THIS one and it was a block away from the beach in the main area. It comes with laundry machines downstairs, building and that street were quiet, parking spot is included and it comfortably fits 2 people. 

DON'T stay at a hotel unless you're getting a great deal of course. If possible try to support locals by renting out their airbnbs, by doing that you're always supporting cleaning lady, property manager and everyone that's involved in the rental. If you're renting a car hotels tend to charge high overnight fees for parking so you will save money by staying at an airbnb that has parking included.
*I am in no way saying that airbnb should always be a go-to, it is only a good idea for places like Hawaii or any other places in US. I do not encourage or recommend renting airbnbs when traveling worldwide. Even though I am all for supporting local economies we personally had bad experiences renting airbnbs worldwide. 

G E T T I N G .  A R O U N D

DO rent a car, even if you think you will only stay in one place there is no way you will not want to drive across the island and check out nicest beaches of the island, botanic garden that's very well known in the island etc. The first few times I was here I did not rent a car and we spent fortune on ubers and I did not get to see anything. Last time we were here I rented a convertible jeep on Turo app which I believe was $150 a day, this time around I rented the same jeep through Dollar rentals for around $300 for 3 days. Just to give you an idea we were so bored at Waikiki beach we ended up driving up and down all across the island for 2 days exploring all the beaches, gardens, macadamia far,  local restaurants etc. If you rent a car try to rent a convertible it'll make driving through the island so much more fun! 

DON'T assume you will walk everywhere. If you stay in Waikiki you will be able to walk to restaurants & shops - that's about it, there is nothing else there as it is the most touristy area. If you stay on the North Shore side you will most likely be at airbnb and in that case you will need a car to get to the airport, grocery store etc. and you will need a car. So the lesson here is if budget allows rent a car because long run it's worth it and you will save money! If you do end up not renting one for the entire stay make sure to at least rent it for one day to go and explore the entire island.

T R A V E L . T I P S 

DO drive respectfully. Everyone's on an island time lol and in no rush. Note that speed limits are literally 35mph+
DON'T shop in main areas. Try to buy groceries, souvenirs etc further out from touristy areas - much cheaper.
DO visit local spots & restaurants across the island on the roadside
DO drive through the North Shore, you will find very nice beaches with swings & crooked palm trees. All of the images on my blog post are taken on the North Shore.
DON'T expect the weather to be perfect. It's an island so don't even bother trying to check the weather app as weather changes constantly. I did notice that on the North Shore side it was sunny every day 10-1pm and completely cloudy after for the rest of the day while Waikiki side was sunny every day until 3pm.
DO stay on the Waikiki side if you're into shopping and walking around touristy area. Stay in Kailua if you're looking to enjoy multiple beautiful beaches that aren't as crowded as a Waikiki beach. 
DON'T expect to stay up all night, most of places do close early aka this isn't a party island.
DO carry some cash on you as you never know what you'll come across to buy. Ex: we came across a lady on the street selling beautiful real leis so we ended up buying 2, which was $20 in cash and they sure don't take credit cards!

M U S T . S E E 
  • Lanikai Beach
  • Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden
  • Halona Beach Cove
  • Diamond Head
  • Hanauma Bay Natural Preserve (must buy tickets a few days before)
* Unfortunately I do not have any suggestions on places to eat at as we always try to eat at random spots along the road while we explore the island! 

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