The Los Cabos Guide: Romantic weekend getaway.


All inclusive, romantic weekend at everyone's favorite destination - Cabo San Lucas.

I have noticed that the older we get the more we tend to go back to places we're more comfortable at and where we know our ways around, Cabo being one of them. If you have been following me along through my travels for a while you may remember my posts on this beautiful Pueblo Bonito Pacifica hotel from a few years back. With so much time gone by we wanted to come back for a few days to just relax & have a romantic weekend at a familiar place.
***Hubby wouldn't say it was as romantic lol as I made him take photos of me allll around the hotel for one full day lol but I'm pretty sure he was pretty chill after he got to enjoy the couples massage at their spa. 

When we got to the resort we were told it was sold out at a full capacity but I did read online the hotels are only operating at 40% or so capacity. Whether it was at 100% or 40% the property is just simply so big that you will never run into crowds of people unless you're going to get breakfast at the same time as everyone else or if you're laying out by the pool. If you're not comfortable with a busy pool you can always head over to the beach where they have cabanas overlooking the ocean. Keep in mind it is a short break of waves and going into ocean is not permitted since you will literally get knocked off by the waves (when we were there they were as big as 15ft). 

I know a lot of people are still not comfortable traveling so I wanted to focus this trip on going somewhere where they offer everything and anything you may want to do & see what it would be like if you never left the resort. 
Because the hotel offers more than 5 restaurants throughout the property & a sister property that is located nearby you will not run out of options for getting dinner or drinks. There is also a spa, multiple pools, cabanas by the beach, golf etc. If you are not wanting to leave the resort I promise you will be busy 24/7 exploring the gigantic property. If you do decide to leave the property the city is just a short 10 minute drive.

Pueblo Bonito has quite a few hotels in Cabo, keep in mind that some are kid friendly and some may not be. We stayed at Pacifica which is adults only. Next one on our list is Pueblo Bonito Rosé -- make sure to google it! It reminds me a lot of the pink hotel we saw in Hawaii & La Jolla. 

If you are looking to come to Cabo during the slow season you might look up weather and get carried away with hurricane season. Don't worry, we actually got to experience one while we were there this time & hotel was more than ready for that. Even tho hurricane was about half hour away from us only thing we experienced was wind & rain for full 24hours, before/after it was as beautiful & sunny as any other summer day in Cabo. Don't hesitate coming during the slow season & save an extra buck, trust me it's worth it + it's less busy so you get to experience more stuff and not deal with lines, reservations and crowds. 

Hotel has a CARE PLEDGE, so no worries about covid because they sanitize the SH&* out of everything & make sure everyone coming back from outside of hotel gets sanitized before even entering the property.
The hotel also offers COVID test on site that is required to enter back into US. It's $17 per person and we had our results within an hour! 

Another reason why we've limited our International travels is because no one knows what they're doing at the airport and the lines are simply just insanely long to get back to US etc.  We never have check in luggage and have never had to go and wait a kiosk so having to stand in line in Mexico for almost 2 hours each time just to show negative covid test is a nightmare. I cannot even imagine what happens when you go to overseas nowadays. Until the airlines come out with an app or a procedure online where you can upload all your stuff and move on unfortunately we will not be traveling. The lines in Mexico are anywhere from 1-2 hours, make sure you're at the airport 2.5 hrs before flight :(  

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