Maldives diary.

Part II of our getaway to Maldives.
It might've looked like we were in Maldives for a month if you followed me along on Instagram, however we were only there for just over a week! While I planned on only taking a few photos we ended up shooting almost every day which left me with an overload of tropical content to share with ya'll! Most common question I kept getting was why did we switch hotels and was that tough based on the amount it takes to get to Maldives itself so this blog post is to help you understand WHY you should stay at more than one hotel and how to do so when going to Maldives. 

As simple as that - there is not much to do on a deserted island. Each island is about 1km long, offers a few restaurants and a few activities. Most likely there's another 200-300 people staying on the same island as you so you keep running into them throughout your days there, you shortly meet your bungalow neighbors and you start feeling the routine. Because Maldives is such a far and stunning destination it would be silly and boring to only stay in one place for an entire week. If you live an active lifestyle and love change and variety I highly recommend you do 2-3 different hotels especially if you have enough time to get away for. 
Expenses wise it might not even be that much more if you plan to go during the slower season. You can check out my first blog post where I spoke more about how much going to Maldives actually costs. 


For some reason I find it more difficult to figure out to get from one island to the other than book a world tour lol. It's just such a different world out there. While we're only used to booking a flight ticket, once you start looking into going to Maldives you gotta figure out a sea plane, boat, regular flight etc. seems pretty confusing, right? Well, it sure is if you don't pick a right hotel. Easiest way to get around the islands and stay at different hotels is by staying at hotels that organize all the travels for you, provide a 5 star customer service and are partners (owned by same company but hotels are on different islands). These tips lead to the 2 hotels we stayed at - Velassaru and Dhigali, they both are owned by the same company. 

Just to give you a quick idea on how we got to Velassaru from Dhigali: 
  • 40 minute boat ride from Dhigali to airport. 
  • Hopped on another boat and took a 25 min boat to Velassaru. 

When booking a hotel make sure they're very responsive and will help you figure out the easiest and most importantly fastest way to get there. 

Dhigali VS. Velassaru
Dhigali Resort: 
  • All inclusive meals.
  • Pretty big island. Offers mini buggies to pick you up and drop you off wherever it is you're going. 
  • Getting to the island requires taking another short flight + 40 min boat ride to the island.
  • Water is more turquoise as I believe it is more shallow. I might be absolutely wrong and it might've just happened to be the week we were there lol so don't count on me for this! This is based on our experience.

Velassaru Resort: 

  • All inclusive meals.
  • Intimate, smaller island. No buggies, you have to walk everywhere yourself. 
  • Getting to the island requires taking another flight + 20 min boat ride to the island. 
  • More deep blue water, just as beautiful but deeper all around. 

Thank you Velassaru Maldives for partnering with me on this post.

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