Australian adventures.

Ya'll know how much I love spontaneous trips to places I've never been to. I'm always up for a new adventure as long as my schedule allows it! However, spontaneous adventures almost always come with at least 15 hour flight and are always across the globe. A few weeks back W Hotels reached out to me and to me this was probably one of the most organic collaborations to work on as we've stayed at W many many many times so to go out to Australia was a no brainer! Especially when the trip was for the premiere of the new hotel in Brisbane! 

Just to give you a break down of how crazy some of these trips can get...flights were booked about 4 days before leaving, we only brought carry ons [as usual] , unfortunately this time we had to check it in and risked the luggage making it there as they get lost alllll the time annnnnnd we were only in Australia for 3 nights / 4 days to explore Brisbane, get a full feeling of the new hotel and attend the premiere oh and capture all the adventures along the way on the camera! 

Day 1

To be honest we never really get jet lagged no matter how far we travel. We left at midnight / got there in the morning which made it easy to adjust as we slept the entire time on a red eye flight to Australia. As soon as we landed we checked into the W Hotel and left for the helicopter tour over Brisbane to help us understand the reasons why the interior of the hotel is done the way it is. Because I don't want to give away too much of the information on the design I'll let ya'll go there and see it yourself as the employees will give you alllll the fun info on the hotel. Hint: river. 

P.s. As much as I love helicopter tours I am always secretly freaking out inside as it's such a tiny thing to fly in lol and the fact that there is only one pilot never fails to freak me out. Not to mention I always want to sit next to them so if sh&* hits the fan...well I have the front seat lol. 

After getting back we had a high tea which is an absolute must-do at the W! It sort of reminded me of being in London just with a bigger variety of unique foods instead of mini sandwiches. The food was delicious and pretty much anything that is bottomless, whether it's a drink of a plate of food I'm always in for! Yummy brunch was followed by a massage, quick nap and preparations for the night. W planned a fun evening with live music [see more on my highlights on IG under "Australia"], super creative drinks and oh did I mention it was by a poolside? 

Day 2

When we flew into Brisbane and I looked out the window I was shocked by the beauty of water, it seriously looked like Maldives. We also had a stop over in Fiji when flying from LA and I expected the waters to be more turquoise in Fiji than Australia but was shockingly surprised that Australia had a more beautiful water! You're probably wondering why am I talking about it so much but that is because on day 2 we had a yacht trip planned to visit Moreton island where we could feed the dolphins, ride four wheelers and see sunken ships. The photo below still does not do the justice of how beautiful the island was. If you're heading to Brisbane I highly recommend you book a boat and get yourself over to Moreton for some island fun! 

I am pretty sure there is a hotel or two on the island if you want to stay for longer, however because we were on a time scrunch we only spent one full day there. The reason why I'd recommend going for an overnight stay is because dolphin feeding takes time when it's dark and unfortunately not many boats go back to city at night unless it's a privately booked boat. 

Day 3

While everyone went to the workout class we went to a local spot to feed kangaroos and play with koalas. This was on Adam's wishlist and I knew there was no getting out of it. While I absolutely love animals taking photos, holding them etc. freaks me out. While kangaroos turned out to be absolute sweethearts, koalas smelled like a cow's butt! Not to mention it pooped in our hands while we held them for a damn picture. Is it worth it ? Yes. Would I do it again? Yep, with gloves on lol. The place was called "Lone Pine Koala sanctuary", just a 15 minute ride from the W. 

This was also THE DAY of the week, also the reason why we were in Australia - the premiere of the new W in Brisbane. As soon as we stepped down for breakfast over the river we saw everybody checking in, this was the day when all the media / press checked in for the party of the night. In case you're wondering how big premiere was, just to give you a brief idea - there was 800 bottles of Veuve for the 800 people haha. Everyone from bloggers, press from National Geographic, press from Forbes magazine, Glamour magazine to Veronicas singers were there - hotel was packed with some of the coolest people I've probably ever met in my life. Everyone had their own story, have traveled the world and were there for a specific reason which was to support the opening of a new hotel we've all been fans of! Unfortunately I haven't found the pictures from the event yet so until then you can check out my IG highlights [under "Australia"] where I've saved all the snaps from the trip to Australia.

xx, Sky Naite 

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