What to wear on Valentine's day.

For those who simply don't like wearing red. Ehem like me! 
With Valentine's day being just around the corner I wanted to round up some of my fave looks. If you're like me and you're simply not a fan of red which let's admit - it does not look good on every skin tone, you may find the looks I am sharing today helpful as they have a bit of a romance to them. 
Whether you have a girls brunch planned for Galentine's or a night out with your loved one you will not go wrong with any of these looks regardless the dress code. 

Valentine's day outfit ideas that aren't over the top: 
  • Soft textures. While I struggle with mixing prints I love playing with different textures. Adding a sweater or a jacket with a fun texture can change up the entire look! While the two looks in this post are very similar (first & last) they give off a very different vibe, while the one above is fun for a happy hour to celebrate Valentine's day the last outfit gives off a more romantic vibe. Don't be scared to mix and match your wardrobe, you never know that chunky sweater you haven't had a chance to wear anywhere to may look amazing paired up with a pair of dressy pants you love! 
  • Statement accessories. A key to a good outfit is accessorizing and for someone who isn't a fan of a lot of jewelry, a bag will make a perfect statement piece! I have tons of bags and I can honestly say it makes it easy to dress down the look or elevate it. All the looks in this post are paired up with one of my fave MMS Brands, you can check them out on HERE. I can speak from my own experience that bags are priced at very good price points and offer a large variety for you to pick from.
  • Forget the red. Just because it's Valentine's day and half of the world is wearing something red it doesn't mean you have to, it simply may not look good on your skin tone, go with your hair  color and there is nothing wrong with that. For that reason I am sharing my fave nude/peachy looks in this post that still give off a romantic vibe for a date night! 
  • Pants > dress. It might sound silly but wearing a dress is soooo 2009, unless you're going to a wedding, it's your birthday or having a baby shower I do not see a point in wearing a dress. It's not a fun outfit to wear and as the matter of fact I find that throwing a dress on is just looking for an easy way out the door. I am sharing three different looks in this post that all include pants to show you how easy and chic your looks can be. 

All the statement bags in this blog post are by one of my faves MMS Brands, you can shop them on HERE. As you can see they literally have everything from a good everyday bag to more fancy options for a night out! 

The outfit above is one of my faves! I love a good pair of wide leg pants mixed with a romantic top which creates a good mix of romance and drama. These pants are from Windsor which as you know is my go-to Brand for literally any pants I may need. 

The look  is perfect for a date night with your loved one. I've paired up the wide leg pants with one of my fave sweaters (which I got in like 2-3 different colors lol & it's from VICI). While the pants give off a very "summery" look adding a sweater to complete a look will change up the entire look! I've also tucked it in to create a less oversized look. 

Thank you MMS Brands for partnering with me on this post. 

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