My wedding dress diary.

What I wore the day of the wedding and what influenced my decisions.
Those of you that have been with me on this wedding journey since the beginning probably know that I went wedding dress shopping by myself and when I did find the dress of my dreams my mom still didn't see it until it was time. We wanted to do everything ourselves and not ask people for help, everyone has their own lives and their own things they deal with so why overwhelm them with help to plan your wedding? We didn't see a point in that and it made wedding planning process that much more personal and fun when it was just me and my husband (still so weird saying it!!) planned as much as we could.

Story behind my wedding dress. All along I had a vision of myself wearing a strapless dress with a very long train and no veil - well...after the search started everything changed real quick. I soon realized this was one of the most important pieces of clothing of my life and I was trying out all sorts of styles to find what not only looked good but also fit right. Strapless dresses didn't feel right and the ones that did were too dressy for Greece. It's such a laid back island with beautiful scenery all around that I have decided to stick with my own daily style and go for what I love the most - low back, long sleeve, boho style dress. I was extremely happy when Island Tribe reached out to me and invited me to check out their store in Miami. I remember booking a weekend trip and heading out that way shortly after to try on the dresses they had in store and I've fallen in love with one of them immediately. My visit did not disappoint and shortly after I had my dress made, altered and in a box on the way to me in LA. 
Budget. I will never understand why people aka brides think that it's an absolute must to spend thousands on their bridal accessories, wedding dress and shoes. I was different, very different and wanted to spend all the money on flowers and decor. I wasn't looking to spend $10k on a dress nor $2k on shoes for some picture I was going to take or just to call them my wedding shoe pair lol. To me, comfort and look were the main parts of everything when it came to the wedding. 
Shoes: Schutz due to the comfort, look and duh they were under $200. They're currently sold out so I've linked a few similar pairs at the bottom of the post by different Brands.
Wedding dress: $1500. Ladies, I highly recommend checking out Island Tribe as their dresses are beyond beautiful and are actually comfortable to where you can spend an entire night in it and beyond and oh did I mention it fits into a tiniest box ever so you don't even need to hang it when traveling?! AHMAZING! 
Veil: Earlier in the year I did social media for a phone case company and fashion district happened to be right next to us, one day when I was strolling down back to my car I saw a shop that sold veils and got mine for $20. 

I also got "bride team" slippers, my custom hanger, parasols for the ceremony, table numbers and lots of other things on Etsy that I brought along to Greece with me.

Photography by: Yuliya Tsvetkova and Svetlana Ryajentseva  (Editing by Tatyana Tsvetkova )

Probably one of my all time favorite pictures, it's captured moments like these that I live for.

Flowers by Wedding Wish. It consisted of Austin roses with a bit of greenery for a romantic look. We also chose these florals as peonies were out of the season and these beauties were closest thing to them.
If only every photo had a background like this! 

Scored on this custom hanger on Etsy! One of my favorites purchases for the wedding and def a must for yours. 

You know you have a good wedding dress when you don't need help to put your shoes on or go to the bathroom lol.
Scenery in Santorini, Greece was just beautiful and every corner was picture worthy! 

This was Adam's idea of a photo lol. Him sitting on the edge because he loves sunsets that much haha. 
It was beyond beautiful to watch the sunset while we did our wedding photos. 


Wedding dress: Island Tribe. Shop on HERE.

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